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Buy Cheap Brown Fused Alumina In China

According to the physical characteristics and product quality requirements of corundum sand, it is considered that the roller, vertical mill and ball mill can meet the requirements of corundum sand grinding process. the theoretical basis of the roller is the lamination grinding theory, which refers to a large number of arc fused alumina particles gathered together, The group smashed by mutual contact.

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When the mill is working, one roller is fixed on the base, and the other moving roller moves slightly on the base, all of brown fused alumina which are covered with roller surface made of special wear-resistant materials. The crushed material enters into the grinding chamber between two rollers of the opposite roller mill, and under the effect of the rolling roller pressure, the green carborundum material in the grinding chamber is compacted, so that its volume reaches 85% of the true density.

(buy cheap brown fused alumina in china)The brown aluminum oxide particle size distribution of the comminuted product is relatively wide, containing more fine particles, which are discharged out of the machine in the form of tablet pressing. - secondary rolling, low energy consumption per unit; compact equipment, less floor space; large system investment. Suitable for medium and super fine crushing of various silicon carbide companies materials.

Its working principle and performance characteristics are as follows: Generally, brown aluminium oxide grinding operation combined with ball mill can greatly improve grinding efficiency, increase production and save energy; in oxidized pellet industry, iron concentrate and brown corundum sand can be treated to make their fineness meet the requirements of pelletizing.(buy cheap brown fused alumina in china)

The crushed material overflows from the edge of the white alumina grinding plate, and the powder material is brought up by the high-speed air flow rising from the lower part of the machine. When the rising air flow and powder material pass through the powder concentrator on the upper part of the mill, under the action of the fast rotating rotor, the coarse powder is separated and falls into the center of the fused alumina grinding plate for grinding again.

(buy cheap brown fused alumina in china)Fine powder is discharged from the upper part of the mill along with the air flow and collected in the dust collection device, black corundum which is the product. The granular materials that are not taken away by the air flow will overflow the grinding plate and return to the mill feed port through the external circulation bucket elevator, and enter the mill together with the new black oxide aluminum raw materials for grinding again.

Under the action of the centrifugal force field, they are thrown to the periphery of the pink corundum grinding plate and crushed by the repeated rolling of the grinding roller. It integrates the functions of grinding, drying, grading and conveying. The vertical mill motor drives the grinding plate to rotate through the vertical reducer, and the solid raw materials enter the center of the brown fused aluminium oxide grinding plate from the feed inlet through the air lock feeding device.

(buy cheap brown fused alumina in china)It has complex functions, convenient operation and adjustment, silicon carbide price high automation and large single processing capacity. At this time, in addition to the direct pressure on the roller surface on the particles in contact with the roller surface, the interaction pressure also occurs between the particles of the material, white fused alumina price which can lead to the compaction and crushing of the material.

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