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Buy Cheap Brown Fused Alumina Netherlands

brown fused alumina has high strength, good wear resistance, high grinding efficiency, and the surface of the grinding wheel is not easy to block. It is suitable for heavy-duty rough or rough-ground stainless steel, heat-resistant alloy steel, titanium alloy, high-speed high-vanadium steel and other materials.

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brown aluminum oxide is mostly used for grinding or cutting materials with low strength, such as cast iron workpieces, non-ferrous metals, and also processing of non-metal materials such as stone. Green silicon carbide is mostly used for grinding processing of materials with high hardness and brittleness, such as hard alloy and optical glass. white fused alumina oxide mfg treatment is a complicated reaction process.(buy cheap brown fused alumina netherlands)

Select the grinding tool according to the grinding conditions. When the brown aluminium oxide grinding allowance is large, rough grinding and grinding depth are large, and coarse grain size should be used. When high precision is required, fine grinding is adopted, and the grinding depth is small, and fine grain size should be used. If the grinding wheel is finely trimmed, brown fused aluminum oxide factory coarser abrasive tools can be used to obtain higher grinding efficiency.

When grinding hard alloys, coarse grain size should be used because of the poor thermal conductivity of the white alumina material, which is prone to burns and cracks. Coarse grain size should be used for flat grinding, cutting and grooving. The high-speed grinding wheel should be 1 ~ 2 granularity. Thin-walled workpieces and dry grinding are prone to heat and burns, and white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit coarser grain sizes should be used.

(buy cheap brown fused alumina netherlands)The main reaction is to use carbon as a reducing agent to reduce impurity oxides in alumina, to separate ferroalloy from black corundum; and to smelt relatively pure alumina from alumina, to obtain the required brown corundum crystals through a certain cooling system. The affinity of carbon with oxygen is lower than that of metal at normal temperature, and it is greater than that of metal only at a certain high temperature.

There are three types of iron oxides. Therefore, pink corundum smelting must be performed at high temperature, and because the order of affinity of metal for oxygen is Ca> Mg> Al> Ti> Si> Fe, so the reduction order is Fe> Si> Ti> Al> Mg> Ca. Because calcium and magnesium have too much affinity for oxygen, carbon cannot reduce MgO and Ca0 at the temperature of the white fused aluminum oxide refining conditions.(buy cheap brown fused alumina netherlands)

Affinity of three iron oxides to oxygen. Therefore, when brown fused alumina factory is melted (above 1850 ° C), iron oxide has become FeO. FeO and SiO in the melt. A stable compound is called olivine (2FeO · SiO2). The reduction reaction of iron oxide during brown corundum smelting is actually reducing iron olivine from the melt: 1/2 (2FeO · SiO2) + C = Fe + 1 / 2Si) + C0-Q To the extent that buy brown fused alumina begins to reduce.

(buy cheap brown fused alumina netherlands)The reduction of corundum white is performed with the participation of iron, and the reaction is different from the reduction of free SiO2 with carbon. The reaction formula is: SiO2 + Fe + 2C = FeSi + 2C0-Q The reaction product FeSi is a stable compound containing Si33.3%. In white aluminum oxide blast media smelting, when alumina is melted, iron oxide reduction occurs around the carbon particles, and CO gas is generated.

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