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Casting trapezoidal and thin-walled straight tubes (5.5 ~ 6mm) and other brown aluminum oxide sandblasting products is more difficult than pouring plates and rotating hollow bodies. It is necessary to use low-density and pH 3 ~ 3.5 vacuum slurry for pouring. Note that the slurry should be filled quickly. The slurry after the green body is formed is poured out using a siphon device. The annular cavity 3 is filled with aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit mud and a flange body to a predetermined thickness.

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The important value of deformation development is the absolute value of the white corundum diameter D and the ratio of D / Hx. The green body should be left in the mold, and it should be sprinkled with dry calcined alumina powder after removal. Large pieces are cast, such as discs with a thickness of 35mm, but the body formation time is different. This kind of silicon carbide grit high-density (2.60 ~ 2.68g / cm2) mud has the smallest viscosity (0.15 ~ 0.17Pa · s) when the pH value is 4.7.

The green body needs to be stored in low sodium white fused alumina powder until it is fired, which usually takes many days. In order to make the 80mm and 460mm long large rod blanks form quickly, and the blanks must be uniform, they should be calcined at 1750 ° C and crushed to contain more than 5um, 38% to 39%, 1 to 5m22% to 26%, and less than 1um35% ~ 40% alumina for slurry preparation. The use of green silicon carbide powder vibration can reduce the "sturdy skin" of the green body thickness.

Using this thick mud to cast a large-diameter whole rod blank, and at the same time evacuating the white aluminum oxide model, so that the mud has excess pressure. If it is vibrated alone or together, it will speed up the formation of the blank by 3 to 5 times. However, the mud pressure and the vacuum of the model will cause agglomeration, 120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media and make the density of the green body uneven (the porosity of individual parts of the green body varies by 3% to 5%).

This kind of rod is fired at 1750 ° C for 6h, brown aluminum oxide 16 grit which can make the porosity of the product zero. When the thickness of the cover is 10mm and the diameter is 370mm, the flange is 15mm, which makes casting difficult. The first stage of casting forms a sphere 2 of the necessary thickness, while the flange is partially formed. After the black silicon carbide powder mud inside the body is poured out, a rubber ring 4 is set and closely adhered to the body along the entire circumference.

For the pouring of large crucibles (27L), white fused alumina raw materials containing TiQ1% or TiOQ1% + ZrO22% are generally used. The crucible body with a wall thickness of 8-12 mm is slowly formed. It takes 28 to 30 minutes. After the slurry is poured out, the body is sprinkled with dry alumina powder. For the casting of large casings (350mm, 600mm high) and other thin-walled (5-12mm) hollow products, medium-density mud should be used, carborundum abrasives and high-density mud that is evacuated is used.

To reduce the deformation, the D / H value must be increased. To produce a white aluminium oxide super fine ring body with a thickness of 1100mm, a wall thickness of 5mm, and a weight of 2kg, it is necessary to take measures to delay the formation of formations, in which pulp waste liquid is introduced into the gypsum slurry, and the pH and temperature of the aluminum oxide blasting media slurry are lowered, but not lower than 20 ℃, should be realized on the device with rotary reversal injection.

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