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Carborundum Powder Wholesale Suppliers Belgium

In blast furnace, alkali metal salts are brought in with raw materials(white alumina). In the range of 1100-1300 ℃, the alkali metal oxide is reduced to produce metal vapor, which rises with the gas flow. In the area below 1000 ℃, and decreases with the furnace charge, so the circulation area is concentrated in the lower part of the furnace body and the furnace waist(carborundum grit suppliers). It is reported that the service life of these blast furnaces reaches 10-11 years.

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95% of these substances enter into the slag, 3% of them are discharged with the gas, only about 1% of them remain in the brick masonry(black aluminum oxide), but the content of the masonry can be as high as 20-40% for a long time. When K20 and co coexist, not only carbon deposition occurs, but also chemical reaction occurs with furnace lining(glass beads manufacturers), the masonry to expand and rise, forming low melting point material, forming brittle layer, and accompanied by volume expansion.

With the disappearance of the smectite phase(pink aluminum oxide), permeable feldspar (K20 · A12O3 · 6si02), leucite (K2O · A12O3 · 4sio2), hexagonal potassium Chardonnay (K2O · A12O3 · 2SiO2) and glass phase (K2O · SiO2) were formed, and their volumes expanded 16.9, 22.6, 10.2 and 5.6% respectively(garnet abrasive price). Sometimes, zinc reacts with refractory brick to form zinc silicate (2z10 · SiO2) and zinc spinel (ZnO · Al203), resulting in weak structure and low strength of brick.

In the presence of a small amount of Na2O, zinc mainly exists in the form of red zinc ore (ZnO), even at a low temperature of 100 ℃(brown fused alumina), it can react to form a strong alkaline aluminosilicate, and its starting point of load softening temperature and refractoriness are reduced to 980 ℃ and 1480 ℃, respectively(green carborundum). The results show that the resistance of mullite brick, high alumina brick, fused cast brick, silicon carbide brick and carbon brick to strong alkali increases in turn.

However, the oxidation and erosion of carbon brick and silicon carbide brick by CO2, O2 and steam can not be ignored(brown aluminum oxide). Among them, the deposition of solid carbon in the blast furnace also plays a destructive role. Therefore, the structure of refractory brick is destroyed, the strength and fire resistance are reduced, it condenses and reaxidizes again(glass bead abrasive), the furnace lining is prone to crack and pulverization, especially the clay brick is most prone to potassium erosion.

In addition, strong alkali can also react with red hot coke to generate cyanide (such as KCN, NaCN, etc.), and then react with steam and CO2 to generate hydrogen cyanide(brown aluminium oxide), which invades the inner part and decomposes into H2, N2 and C. In blast furnace, zinc bearing ore is easily reduced to metallic zinc. Because the boiling point of zinc is low(silicon carbide companies), it volatilizes to zinc vapor at about 900 ℃, and it is oxidized to ZnO 2 in the upper part of furnace body with the rise of medium gas.

The disintegration research shows that in the refractory brick masonry(brown fused alumina price), which is deposited in the pores, cracks and cracks of the brick and plays a filling role, causing the cracks of the brick to expand, and the upper part of the blast furnace to nodulate in the surrounding time(steel shot abrasive). As the vapor pressure of sodium is lower than that of potassium, it is easy to be discharged along with the flooding, so the strong breaking mainly refers to potassium oxide.

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