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The polymer chain can change its conformational property to flexibility, which is the main reason why many properties of the dish compound are different from low molecular substances(garnet suppliers). Static flexibility, also known as equilibrium flexibility, refers to the degree of curling of the polymer chain when it is in a more stable state(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers). In a long polymer chain, each bond may take three stable states: trans, left side, or right side.

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Static flexibility depends on the relative content and sequence of the three states under mechanical equilibrium conditions(pink aluminum oxide). The more uniform the distribution of the three travel states, the more chaotic the sequence distribution is, that is, the closer the trans and side conformations in the casting are to the random arrangement(steel grid). Chain flexibility comes from the change of the chain conformation, it can be divided into static flexibility and dynamic flexibility.

Dynamic multiplicativity, also known as dynamic flexibility, refers to the ease with which a molecular chain changes from one equilibrium configuration to another flat bond configuration(wilson abrasive). The easier the conformation transition and the faster the transition rate, the more dynamic flexibility of the molecular bond. it is good(aluminum oxide blasting). Due to the decrease in the wettability of the adhesive, the interface of the adhesive system is destroyed, resulting in serious bonding strength. reduce.

The smaller E is, the easier this transition is, the shorter the required time (called duration), and the better the dynamic flexibility of the molecular tank(brown aluminium oxide). Polymers are made of small molecules. Although their chemical structures are similar, their physical properties are very different. At this time, the bonding strength increases with the increase of molecular weight and tends to a fixed value(silicon carbide abrasive powder). After reaching a certain fan country, it gradually tends to a fixed value.

The flexibility of the molecule is the combined effect of dynamic flexibility and static flexibility(brown fused aluminum oxide). For a specific compound chain, the two are sometimes consistent, sometimes inconsistent. For example, a polymer chain with a magic large side group has a certain static flexibility, and the molecule is The curled random strands are round, but due to the strong interaction of the side groups, the internal brigade turns to barrier E(alumina polishing powder), then The more the chain tends to curl.

Moreover, these properties also increase with increasing molecular weight(black aluminum oxide). However, when the molecular weight increases to a certain value, the rate of improvement of various properties slows down, and finally tends to a certain limit. The mutual transformation between the trans conformation and the side conformation must overcome a certain potential barrier(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers)—the relative conformational energy E of the overlapping conformation.

Taking the polymer of linear unbranched structure as an example, there are two different situations(garnet abrasive): one is that when the bonding system is cohesively damaged and the situation, the bonding strength rises and rises with the increase of molecular weight. The second is that when the bonding system is destroyed in various forms, there are often the following rules(aluminium oxide polishing powder): when the molecular weight is low, cohesive failure generally occurs.

When the molecular weight is increased so that the internal capsule force of the adhesive layer is equal to the adhesive force of the interface, mixed failure begins to occur, and the molecular weight continues to increase(glass bead blasting media suppliers). Very high, it is difficult to change the conformation, its various possible conformations can not be realized, and it shows poor dynamic flexibility(low density white alumina). Many excellent properties of polymers are obtained due to their large molecular weight.

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