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Cheap 100 Grit Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers Israel

For the large blast furnace(aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit), it is better to set four, it can operate two hot blast furnaces as one group, two burners and two feeders in parallel, so that the temperature difference of each hot blast furnace can be larger from the beginning to the end of air supply(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), and the temperature of exhaust gas during combustion can be lower (about 200C), so that the thermal efficiency can be increased to 87%, smelting strength and required air temperature.

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There are many kinds of hot blast furnaces, such as internal combustion type and external combustion type(silicon carbide grit). Most of the hot blast furnaces in China are internal combustion type. In recent years, the lining of blast furnace wall is repaired by pressing material, which is also very popular(carborundum abrasives). The chimney size of different hot blast furnaces can share one chimney for two adjacent hot blast furnaces. However, the quality of the weld must be guaranteed during the construction.

The regenerative hot blast furnace mainly consists of combustion chamber and regenerative chamber, and is composed of furnace base(green silicon carbide powder), furnace shell, furnace lining, furnace operator, pillar, etc. it has strict requirements on the foundation, and the foundation pressure resistance is not less than 0.2 ~ 0.25MPa(silicon carbide abrasive grit). The main dimensions of hot blast furnace are full height and outer diameter, and its value depends on the effective volume of blast furnace.

The shell of hot blast stove is welded by 8 ~ 14mm thick steel plate(black silicon carbide powder). It can be seen from the figure that in order to prevent the uneven sinking of the hot blast furnace and the deformation or tearing of the pipeline, the foundation of the three hot blast furnaces can be made into a whole. 200-400mm higher than the ground to prevent water immersion(brown aluminum oxide factory). The foundation is made of A3F or 16Mn steel bars and No. 200 cement. The outside of the foundation is the flue.

The thickness is mainly determined by the furnace shell diameter, internal pressure, shell temperature and external load(aluminum oxide blasting media). Even if the above measures are adopted, the anchor screws are often broken or the bottom sealing plate becomes a pot shape(carborundum grit). The test pressure before the bricklaying is 0.03 ~ 0.15Mpa, and after the bricklaying, the pressure test shall be conducted with 1.5 times of the working pressure, with the pressure drop of s1.5% per hour.

Due to the increase of the air pressure in the furnace and the expansion of the furnace shell and refractory masonry, the sealing plate at the bottom of the hot blast furnace is subject to certain tension(white fused alumina). The furnace shell is fixed on the foundation with foundation screws(aluminum oxide 180 grit blast media). At the same time, pressure grouting shall be carried out between the sealing plate at the bottom of the furnace and the foundation to ensure the compactness under the plate.

At present, our country's factory has changed the anchor bolt into anchor plate, and poured 1m thick concrete on the bottom sealing plate to fix the furnace shell so that it can't deform(white aluminum oxide). In order to make the anchor screw only play a fixed role and no longer be affected by the operation stress, the flat bottom sealing plate and the furnace top can be changed into a spherical or yeast shaped bottom, so that the hot blast furnace becomes an air tank under internal pressure(120 grit aluminum oxide).

The ovality of the furnace shell shall not be greater than two thousandths of the diameter, and the inclination of the whole center line (the difference between the center of the furnace top and the center of the furnace bottom) shall not be greater than 30mm(white corundum). In order to ensure the tightness of the furnace shell and the bricklaying in the furnace, leakage test and pressure test shall be carried out before and after the brick test(black silicon carbide manufacturers). It is arranged underground.

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