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The common binders are coal tar pitch and resin(white aluminum oxide). The carbonization process of different binders is also different, and the structure of the resultant binding carbon is also very different. Therefore, they can not be transformed into graphite by heating them to the high temperature of graphitization Carbon is called refractory carbon, resin carbon is refractory carbon(white fused alumina for refractory). The prototypes of carbon precursor are formed.

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In the process of heating, the solid organic compounds of liquormyl form low molecular compounds on the one hand, and aromatize in the remaining liquid and solid phases on the other hand(white corundum). The chemical composition of carbon precursor also contains many kinds of elements, and then it changes into "carbon" composed only of carbon atoms between 1000-1500c(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh). The aromatic plane in the drive is arranged in the direction of gas streamline.

Even if the residue of liquid organic matter is around 500C, it will become a solid matter with aromatic structure as the main body(100 grit aluminum oxide media). If it is a solid organic matter, it will also form a structure with aromatic structure at 500C. Continue heating and change in the solid state(white aluminum oxide grit). It is generally difficult to make the aromatic structure grow enough to lead to large changes in ordered arrangement, which means the basic structure of carbon.

When carbonization is carried out in the liquid phase(1200 grit aluminum oxide), the typical change of low viscosity organic matter is that polycondensation is promoted with the increase of temperature, and the viscosity is gradually increased to become solid, and there is no preferred mountain degree in a wide range(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting). In this process, a liquid crystal with condensed condensed condensed aromatic ring structure as the main body appears, which is usually called the mesophase.

After carbonization, the fine tubular structure of the charcoal inherits the structure of the raw material intact(46 grit aluminum oxide), which indicates that the structural framework of the raw material has not changed in the carbonization process, high carbon residue rate, so the mesh plane of the carbon mesh generated is also limited by this kind of framework(low sodium white fused alumina). The structure of carbon mainly depends on the phase system in which the carbonization process is carried out.

The gas with low molecular weight produced by thermal decomposition moves in the mesophase with high viscosity(white fused alumina). Therefore, on the path of gas flow, the trace of pores and mesophase streamline (movement and deformation) with different sizes are left in the precursor which has been transformed into the solid phase(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit). If the carbonization is carried out in the solid phase, the structure of carbon basically keeps the shape and ultra-fine structure of raw materials as it is, such as the formation of charcoal. 

Therefore, as a binder, it should have the following characteristics: good wettability to graphite or aggregate(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit); small ash content and less impurities; high mechanical strength after blank forming; convenient for production and processing. The commonly used binders are asphalt binders(white aluminium oxide super fine), which are divided into coal tar asphalt and petroleum asphalt, phenolic resin binders, special modified phenolic resin binders, asphalt resin binders.

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