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Cheap 100 Grit Aluminum Oxide Media Price France

The application of brown corundum is very common in our lives, ranging from small tools and abrasive cloths to grinding wheels for industrial metals. We all know that the hardness of brown corundum is second only to diamond, so how is brown corundum produced? What about?

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The brown fused alumina crystals produced by the fixed furnace frit method have a small number of bonds and a large size, so they have good toughness and wear resistance. The brown corundum smelting methods at home and abroad are different, mainly due to the industrial structure and raw materials. Domestic aluminum oxide grit production generally uses the fixed furnace frit method and the dump furnace smelting method.(cheap 100 grit aluminum oxide media price france)

Two different production methods have their own advantages. The brown aluminum oxide products produced by the dump furnace smelting method have good translucency, small crystal size, and many combinations, so the flexibility is not good and the brittleness causes the brown corundum crystals to fall off easily. The advantages are good density and sharpness, synthetic corundum which can be applied to fire resistance Materials and consolidated abrasives.

(cheap 100 grit aluminum oxide media price france)With the continuous deep understanding of the characteristics of brown alumina, the application of brown aluminium oxide has become more and more extensive, such as the recent use of brown alumina mixed materials for paving anti-skid pavements and the use of brown alumina instead of key ingredients in industrial production. emery abrasive is entering all aspects of our lives with its unique characteristics.

As one of the silicon carbide abrasive refractory materials, the application of brown corundum in the industry has received extensive attention. This material will generate a large amount of smoke and dust during the smelting process. So what do we need to do with this product correctly? After adopting the new process, aluminum oxide blasting abrasive is made by high temperature smelting in an electric arc furnace at 2000 ℃, so a lot of smoke and dust will be generated during the smelting process.(cheap 100 grit aluminum oxide media price france)

Some of these dusts are mechanical dusts that belong to green silicon carbide raw materials and ingredients, and some are chemical dusts generated during the high temperature smelting process of electric arc furnaces. Different types of dusts have different treatment schemes. Compared with bauxite as a raw material, the production of aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit is reduced. They can be used to coat abrasive surfaces and non-slip materials. 

(cheap 100 grit aluminum oxide media price france)Before formulating the black silicon carbide dust recycling plan, the composition and characteristics of the brown corundum dust must be researched and analyzed, and then implemented. Then, the various components of the dust are separated, and through complex processing processes, relevant products, including building materials synthetic corundum price, ultra-fine alumina, metal gallium, and potassium fertilizers, are again used in industrial production.

aluminum oxide abrasive has extensive application value in the field of refractory materials and abrasives. This method manufactures difficult-to-treat aluminum ash into a ceramic material with market value. Aluminum ash does not require any treatment and is directly used as a raw material. Aluminum ash is a waste. The cost is 5-25%, and waste alumina grit, which is easy to cause environmental pollution, is consumed.(cheap 100 grit aluminum oxide media price france)

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