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There are basically five cases of impurity reduction in the production of brown fused alumina: iron oxides include Fe2O3, Fe3O4, and FeO. There are three oxide decomposition pressure curves. The decomposition pressure decreases in the order of Fe2O3> Fe3O4> FeO, and Stability is increasing in order. Therefore, when black aluminum oxide media is melted (above 1850 ° C), iron oxide has been transformed into FeO.

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FeO forms olivine (2FeO · SiO2) and iron-aluminum spinel (FeO · Al2O3) with SiO2 and Al2O3 in the melt. Smellite spinel decomposes during melting. Iron olivine is relatively stable and does not decompose during brown aluminum oxide melting. Therefore, the reduction reaction of iron oxide is actually the reduction of iron olivine from the melt. The reaction formula is: 1/2 (2FeO · SiO2) + C = Fe + 1 / 2SiO2 + CO-Q at a certain concentration of iron oxide.(cheap 100 grit aluminum oxide media wholesale portugal)

To the extent that silica begins to reduce. The black oxide aluminum reduction of silica is carried out in the presence of metallic iron, and its reaction formula is: SiO2 + Fe + 2C = 2FeSi + 2CO-Q. When the amount of iron is sufficient, the silicon content in FeSi does not exceed the saturation concentration, and the pink aluminium oxide reaction can proceed smoothly. The solubility of carbon in the ferrosilicon melt decreases as the silicon content in the ferrosilicon alloy increases.

(cheap 100 grit aluminum oxide media wholesale portugal)In fact, the emery abrasive reduction of silica is dependent on the carbon dissolved in the iron. In other words, silicon can squeeze carbon out of the ferrosilicon melt, and reducing the concentration of carbon in the melt will make the reduction of silicon dioxide difficult. Silica in alumina can also form compounds with other white aluminum oxide abrasive components, such as olivine (2FeO · SiO2), mullite (3Al2O3 / 2SiO2), and feldspar (CaO · Al2O3 · 2SiO2).

Among them, olivine is destroyed when the black aluminium oxide is reduced, mullite is decomposed when it is melted, and celestite is stable and does not decompose when it is melted, which restrains a part of the silicon dioxide and makes the silicon dioxide incomplete. Was restored. Titanium exists in white fused aluminium oxide in the form of TiO3, TiO2, Ti2O3, Ti3O4, etc., and TiO2, Ti2O3 are the most stable. The reduction of titanium oxide is also carried out in the presence of iron.(cheap 100 grit aluminum oxide media wholesale portugal)

Its reaction formula is: TiO2 + 2C + 3Fe = Fe3Ti + 2CO-Q or Ti2O3 + 3C + 6Fe = 2Fe3Ti + 3CO-Q. When the brown fused aluminium oxide carbon content is excessive, the melt temperature When it is too high, the reduction of alumina, magnesia, and calcium oxide can also occur, but under normal furnace conditions, the reduction amount is very small. In pink fused alumina smelting, various oxides are not only reduced by carbon, but also by metals with a high affinity for oxygen.

(cheap 100 grit aluminum oxide media wholesale portugal)Some people call this "metal hot melt reduction reaction". This type of reaction occurs when the ferroalloy particles sink into the white fused alumina price melt in the form of small droplets, which occurs between the metal phase of the ferroalloy body and the melt. The oxides such as FeO and SiO2, which are more easily reduced in the melt, will lose their content. The oxygen is exchanged to the 60 grit aluminum oxide and titanium in the iron alloy.

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