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In order to improve the settling performance of red mud(brown aluminium oxide), the addition of Cao can promote the transformation of goethite into hematite, and the transformation of Sodalite into nepheline, and reduce the specific surface area of red mud(80 grit aluminum oxide). When gibbsite is dissolved, adding a small amount of Cao (0.5% ~ 1.0%) can prevent gibbsite from changing into gibbsite and causticize Na2CO3 in solution.

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According to the theory of retardation layer, the reason that hinders the interaction between alkali and diaspore is that there is a retardation layer on the surface of diaspore(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media). There are three types of blocking layer: dense sodium titanate or titanate film; loose but possibly thicker sodium aluminosilicate hydrate film(fine grit aluminum oxide); loose but possibly thicker film made up of products or residues dissolved from other substances except Ti and Si.

Because many tests have proved that the addition of lime to diaspore can not accelerate the dissolution process, but also cause the loss of alumina(150 grit aluminum oxide). The theory of block layer is accepted more(180 grit aluminum oxide). It is considered that the most harmful to the dissolution is the dense sodium titanate or titanate block layer, which is destroyed by adding lime to form calcium titanium compound, so that the dissolution of alumina can be carried out.

There are two ways for lime to destroy the blocking layer of sodium titanate or Titanate: titanium mineral reacts with alkali to form sodium titanate or titanate(220 grit aluminum oxide), and adsorbs on the surface of diaspore to form titanium blocking layer, and the blocking layer reacts with lime to form calcium titanium compound and is destroyed(120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight). Pyrite began to be decomposed by alkali at 180 ℃, and increased with the increase of temperature and alkali concentration.

So far, there are two theories about the action mechanism of lime(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media). Titanium mineral reacts with alkali to form sodium titanate or titanate, preferentially adsorbs on the surface of lime and forms calcium titanium compound, thus preventing the formation of titanium blocking layer on the surface of diaspore(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media). The exposed titanium mineral reacts with alkali to form sodium titanate, and lime reacts with sodium titanate to form calcium titanium compound.

Calcium hydroxide is just an activator(brown fused alumina). For the first statement, it is generally believed to be true, but it cannot explain why lime can accelerate the dissolution of diaspore with coarse crystallization. X-ray diffraction analysis shows that the active lime is easy to form calcium hydroxide titanate and calcium titanate(70 grit aluminum oxide blast media), while the inactive lime is difficult to form calcium titanium compounds and exists in the form of Ca (OH) 2. 

Sodium thiohua, sodium disulfide and sodium thiosulfate are the active substances that react with iron in aluminate solution(brown aluminum oxide). Chen wankun of our country thinks that the mechanism of lime action is: the ore particles are wetted and reacted by alkali, and a diaspore and titanium mineral are exposed(240 grit aluminum oxide); the surface of the exposed diaspore adsorbs lime, which may be adsorbed by Ca2 + or Ca (OH) 2, 3CaO · Al2O3 · 6h20 molecular state.

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