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Cheap 100 Grit Aluminum Oxide White Suppliers

white fused alumina products have high strength, good wear resistance and slag resistance, but their thermal shock resistance is low. According to different materials, semi silicon carbide products can be divided into many kinds, such as slalom clinker silicon carbide products, high aluminum silicon carbide products, quartz carbide silicon carbide products, aluminum oxide abrasive graphite products, mullite silicon carbide products and corundum silicon carbide products.

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Because this kind of products contain less than 50% white aluminum oxide, its thermal shock resistance, thermal conductivity and strength are significantly improved. At present, w-earth clinker silicon carbide products, high aluminum silicon carbide products and corundum silicon carbide products are widely used in industry. Clay clinker black silicon carbide products, referred to as clinker aluminum oxide grit products. The product is made of refractory clay and clay clinker and silicon carbide.

brown aluminium oxide products are refractory products with SiC content less than 50%.Its production process is similar to that of clay brick. Adding a small amount of silicon carbide to slay clinker has a significant effect on improving the thermal shock resistance of products. With the increase of the content of white fused alumina manufacturer in the ingredients, the thermal shock resistance of the clinker SiC products increases regularly.

High aluminum silicon carbide products. brown fused aluminum oxide products are alumina based refractories with high thermal shock resistance, high strength (especially at high temperature), high fire resistance and high thermal conductivity. The dependence of adding amount of green silicon carbide is the same as that of the above-mentioned clinker silicon carbide products. The most suitable adding amount is 30%, which is added into the blank in the form of fine powder.

The final firing temperature is 1370-1380gc and the heat preservation time is 6-8h. It is not suitable to further increase the firing temperature, because the oxidation degree of black aluminum oxide in the firing process must be limited to a minimum. It can also be used to prepare high strength sintered products containing phosphoric acid. The white fused alumina suppliers product has high thermal shock resistance, good thermal conductivity and high strength. Corundum silicon carbide products.

In order to improve its thermal shock resistance, adding a small amount of pink aluminum oxide has a significant effect. With the increase of the amount of SiC fine powder, the thermal shock resistance increases regularly. Using brown corundum as aggregate, adding 10% silicon carbide abrasive and phosphoric acid as binder, the slide rail brick for heating furnace of steel rolling is made by high pressure forming and firing at 1450 ℃.

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