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Cheap 120 Grit Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers Egypt

In the process of steelmaking(220 grit aluminum oxide blast media), the main raw materials such as molten iron and scrap steel are put into the furnace, and the auxiliary raw materials such as quicklime, limestone, Dongshi and iron oxide scale are added(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). D converter, its adding proportion is generally 70% ~ 90% of the main raw materials, and the adding amount of scrap steel is about 10% ~ 30% of the total installed amount.

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The high-pressure and high-purity oxygen (containing more than 99.5% O2) is blown into the furnace mouth with oxygen lance for smelting(white fused alumina). In the auxiliary raw materials, limestone and quicklime are the main components of slagging, fluorite is the flux to promote melting, oxygen and iron oxide scale are used as oxidants(80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), while limestone and iron oxide scale are used as coolant at the same time, and the inclusion is small.

According to the shape of the molten pool, the furnace type can be divided into cylinder ball type, cone ball type and truncated cone type(white aluminum oxide); according to the different ways of dismantling, there are two types of removable furnace bottom type and non removable furnace bottom type. Rolling bearing is widely used in large and medium converter(white fused alumina for refractory). With the increase of converter capacity, the productivity will be further improved.

Compared with open hearth and electric furnace, the top blown oxygen converter process has the characteristics of high productivity, good quality and many kinds of steel(white corundum). The reaction speed in the furnace is fast, the smelting time is short, and the productivity is very high(100 grit aluminum oxide media). The main feature of the bottom blown oxygen converter is that the height diameter ratio of the furnace body is approximately 1, that is, it is cylindrical.

Top blown oxygen converter steelmaking has the following advantages: less gas content in steel(garnet abrasive). Top blown oxygen converter has a wide range of smelting varieties, which can produce all kinds of steel smelting in open hearth furnace and some kinds of steel smelting in electric furnace(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh), from micro carbon steel to high carbon steel, low gas content, from micro industrial pure iron to medium alloy steel, and even special steel.

Molten iron is an indispensable heat source in 1(garnet suppliers). Low consumption of raw materials, high thermal efficiency and low cost. In recent years, with the combination of refining technology outside the furnace, new steel grades are further expanded, and more than 300 kinds of steel grades can be produced(1200 grit aluminum oxide). There are three ways to connect the trunnion and the supporting ring: flange bolt connection, welding and hot installation connection.

Molten iron is the main raw material, the proportion of scrap is small, the content of residual elements is low(glass bead blasting media suppliers). The consumption of fuel and power is lower than that of open hearth furnace and electric furnace. It can be used for blowing open hearth pig iron, medium phosphorus pig iron, high phosphorus pig iron and pig iron with special components(white aluminum oxide grit). Less investment in infrastructure construction and fast construction speed.

The steel output per hour of top blown oxygen converter is 6-10 times of that of open hearth, which is the most efficient steelmaking method(steel grid). The bottom blown oxygen converter is developed on the basis of Thomas converter(46 grit aluminum oxide). In 1967, the West German company Maximilian and Canada's leiervant company jointly developed the bottom blown oxygen converter steelmaking process, known as the OBM (XY Gen bottom blowing method).

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