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Cheap 120 Grit Aluminum Oxide Wholesale Price France

According to the phase diagrams of na2o-cao-al2o3-co2-h2o system at different temperatures(white fused alumina oxide mfg), it can be seen that a small amount of limestone in bauxite can be completely decomposed under the condition of slurry wet grinding to form 3CaO · Al2O3 · 6H2O and na2co(white fused aluminum oxide 60 grit). When dissolved at high temperature, it is decomposed again to form sodium aluminate and Ca (OH) 2, which still increases the concentration of na2o.

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The effect of adding Cao in Bayer process is as follows(white fused alumina). In addition, due to the decomposition of carbonate, and then the hydrated garnet formed, due to the absorption of C2 in the air, n2co also increased by 0.2% ~ 0.3%. This change process is similar to that in nature, nepheline is easy to change into calyx and other minerals(brown aluminium oxide manufacturer). The results show that Cao can also accelerate the dissolution of Al2O3 when the bauxite without titanium is dissolved. 

Carbonate in bauxite is the main source of NACO accumulation in Bayer process(garnet suppliers). According to the determination, in each cycle of Bayer process, the content of Nacos is increased by more than 2%. There are different explanations for this problem(white aluminium oxide manufacturer). Another view is that Cao has the property of catalyzing the reaction between bauxite and alkali solution, not only the diaspore, but also the dissolution process of diaspore.

In general, the bauxite with CO2 > 2% is not suitable to be treated by Bayer process when it is dissolved by concentrated circulating mother liquor of 300g / lna2or(white aluminum oxide). In the process of alumina production by Bayer process, hydrated garnet is formed by adding lime to sodium aluminate solution due to silicon containing minerals(brown aluminum oxide 70 grit). The solubility of hydrated garnet in sodium aluminate solution is lower than that in sodium aluminosilicate solution.

In the process of phase transformation, silicon combines with aluminum and sodium to form sodium aluminosilicate, and then is replaced by calcium to form sodium aluminosilicate or hydrated garnet(steel grid). Their experimental results also show that calcium can replace sodium, but it can't release all sodium to form hydrated garnet(brown fused aluminum oxide factory). There are different views on whether it's the sodalite formed in the dissolution process, or both at the same time.

The results of Li Qigui et al show that the natrolite and hydrated garnet are formed at the same time(white corundum). As the hydration garnet is more stable than the sodium garnet, the resulting sodalite is transformed into the hydrated garnet, and the amount of the hydrated right garnet increases with the increase of temperature and time(white aluminum oxide 220 grit). The addition of lime to calcium titanium compounds avoids the formation of sodium titanate, thus eliminating the harm of TiO2.

The adverse effect of TiO2 in bauxite is eliminated, the formation of Cao and Ti2 from sodium titanate is avoided(glass bead blasting media suppliers), and the formation of 3CA · Al2O3 · TiO2 · xtio2 · SI2 · (6-2x) H2O from titanium hydrate garnet is avoided when lime is used for many times(buy brown fused alumina). When the amount of Cao is small and the titanium mineral is very dispersive, the calcium hydroxide titanate catio2 (OH) 2 is formed, and the most stable product is ca · TiO2.

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