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Cheap 1200 Grit Aluminum Oxide Suppliers In China

The structure of fused alumina electric furnace is mainly made of corundum smelting process. The basic mechanism of corundum electric furnace is also related to the capacity of electric furnace and smelting type, as shown in the figure: the main mechanical equipment includes: furnace body, electrode controller, electrode lifting mechanism, smoke exhaust and 80 grit aluminum oxide dust removal system and feeding system, etc.

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According to the different furnace structure, synthetic corundum electric furnace can be divided into three furnace types: block furnace, dump furnace and flow furnace. Block furnace body, as shown in the figure: including furnace bottom, furnace car, furnace shell and other parts. The furnace body between the furnace shell and the chassis of the furnace car is the furnace bottom, silicon carbide price which is mainly used for laying the bottom lining and the furnace skin.(cheap 1200 grit aluminum oxide suppliers in china)

It is the bottom of the whole furnace steel. The static load on the furnace bottom includes the emery abrasive furnace shell lined with bricks. The hearth with melt is impacted by the materials when adding materials. The detachable joint between the furnace bottom and the furnace shell is just right. The furnace shell above the green carborundum furnace bottom is called the furnace shell, which is usually made of 16-32mm steel plate by welding, with a taper of 8-11 degrees.

(cheap 1200 grit aluminum oxide suppliers in china)See the following table for the brown fused alumina structural characteristics of these three furnace types. The furnace shell is lined with refractory materials. When the electric furnace is smelted, the heated expanded lining moves up slightly along the surface of the furnace shell. Therefore, the taper design of the furnace shell reduces the pressure of the lining on the chrome corundum furnace shell to a certain extent, and the conical shell is easy to fall off when it is discharged from the furnace Model. 

At the bottom of the silicon carbide companies protecting basin, the weight of the furnace bottom with bottom lining may not be considered during the hoisting of the furnace, which can reduce the hoisting weight and height of the crane used for furnace discharging and installation. A supporting plate with the same thickness as the black aluminum oxide blast media furnace lining is welded at the lower edge of the furnace shell to support all carbon bricks and thermal insulation materials on the furnace wall.

(cheap 1200 grit aluminum oxide suppliers in china)A water baffle plate is set at the outer edge of the contact between the brown aluminum oxide furnace shell and the furnace bottom to avoid water infiltration into the furnace at the joint. The furnace car is composed of chassis, axle and wheel. Its function is to support and drag the whole furnace body. The aluminium oxide sandblasting furnace car chassis is a welded frame made of channel steel, which is paved with 14-20mm steel plate, and the axle beam is installed below.

A reinforcing rib plate is welded between the arc fused alumina furnace shell and the supporting plate. The whole furnace car is covered by the furnace bottom shell to prevent cooling water from penetrating into the furnace bottom insulation layer. black alumina is made of natural bauxite as raw material, carbon (mainly coke) as reducing agent, and iron filings as settling agent (clarifier) to form ferrosilicon to sink at the bottom of electric furnace.(cheap 1200 grit aluminum oxide suppliers in china)

brown aluminium oxide is brown, generally Al2O3 ≥ 94.5%, SiO2 ≤ 3.5%, TiO2 ≤ 3.5%, Fe2O3 ≤ 1%. Because the impurities have not been completely removed, the brown corundum also contains calcium hexaaluminate, calcium plagioclase, spinel, rutile and other sub crystal phases, glass phase, ferroalloy and solid solution. The hue of black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit depends on the titanium oxide in the residual products to a great extent.

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