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Cheap 1200 Grit Aluminum Oxide Suppliers In UAE

In particular, the American Acheson. He used alumina containing clay with coke and applied a strong current to the mixture until the clay in the center melted. After aluminum oxide abrasive cooling, he found a bright, shiny hard substance at the end of the electrode and in the mixture. Acheson repeated this experiment many times, and collected these hard synthetic corundum materials to test its grinding performance. As a result, he could wear his diamond ring.

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At that time, Acheson thought that the discovered substance was a compound of carbon and white fused alumina, so he named it "kaplunden". It is composed of two words carbon and corundum. In fact, it was not clay reed alumina but silica that participated in the reaction. In 1893, Acheson obtained the patent right for silicon carbide production, making silicon carbide the first commercialized artificial abrasive in the world. At that time, only black silicon carbide was produced, with a daily output of 125g.

(cheap 1200 grit aluminum oxide suppliers in uae)It is known as the "grinding gem", with a price of up to 1600 US dollars per kilogram. After artificial corundum and silicon carbide were developed successfully in the 19th century, white corundum and green silicon carbide also appeared in succession in the 1920s, which constituted the basic system of artificial ordinary abrasive. From 1920's to 1960's is a period of high-speed development of man-made common abrasives.

white aluminum oxide industry is closely related to the development of mechanical industry and steel industry. With the rapid development of iron and steel, automobile and machinery manufacturing industry, various corundum and silicon carbide abrasive have emerged one after another, and the varieties are becoming more and more perfect, forming a complete artificial ordinary black alumina system. The result of the development of abrasives is that they tend to be special and have special effects.

(cheap 1200 grit aluminum oxide suppliers in uae)In contrast, man-made diamond and cubic boron nitride were successfully developed in the 1950s and began to step on the historical stage of green silicon carbide. From the 1970s to today, corundum and silicon carbide show technical maturity, new varieties appear slowly, but they are still the main body of artificial abrasives in the field of grinding and are widely used. There is no natural silicon carbide. Artificial corundum white was studied at the end of the 19th century.

One of the outstanding new products is unsintered silicon carbide abrasive. During this period, both silicon carbide and corundum began to develop into non grinding fields, such as refractory, steel and cast iron smelting, electrical silicon carbon rod and arrester, engineering ceramic materials, metal nonmetal composite materials and other fields. In grinding applications, research and product development of corundum and silicon carbide are very active, such as high alumina aluminium oxide abrasive grit.(cheap 1200 grit aluminum oxide suppliers in uae)

In the 21st century, artificial corundum and aluminum oxide grit are still the most widely used abrasives, accounting for more than two-thirds of all abrasives. They are widely used in the manufacture of various abrasives and are developing in non grinding applications. The development direction of artificial abrasives is hardness and toughness, so as to meet the fused aluminum oxide technological requirements of high speed, heavy load and strong grinding, and realize economic and efficient grinding.

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