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Cheap 150 Grit Aluminum Oxide Suppliers South Africa

China has become the main supplier of white corundum in the world while many corundum producers in North America and Europe have either stopped production or merged. As the main product brown corundum, the company has made more in-depth research on its properties to achieve the use quality of the final aluminum oxide abrasive product. Shovel away the waste materials, salt and other things on the side wall.

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Clean up the sundries on the hearth. When installing (building) furnace wall, it shall be firm. We all know that when choosing 240 grit aluminum oxide, we mainly look at its toughness. The higher the toughness, the better the quality. In fact, the toughness of brown jade has a direct relationship with the quality of the materials used in the production of brown jade. The task of electric furnace preparation is to repair and clean the green silicon carbide furnace used last time, so as to put it into use again. 

(cheap 150 grit aluminum oxide suppliers south africa)Generally speaking, the better the quality of raw black corundum materials, the higher the quality of the brown jade produced. The toughness is also particularly good. Of course, the toughness of brown jade, the quality of the production equipment, and the technology of the operators There is also a certain relationship between the high and low. Repair the oxidation gap of carbon masonry around the electrode and the electrode, fill it with aluminum oxide grit graphite paste and smooth it.

The factors that affect the toughness of brown fused alumina are also studied. The following points are summarized: if there are too many silicon dioxide, the excessive silicon dioxide can not be retained in the glass phase, but react with a part of alumina to form mullite, which will reduce the toughness of brown corundum. The higher the aluminum content, the better the toughness; this is also a very important reason that the raw material of silicon carbide companies must be bauxite.(cheap 150 grit aluminum oxide suppliers south africa)

Calcination process. 120 grit aluminum oxide harbor freight is first calcined in a rotary furnace, and then it flows into a vertical furnace for supplementary calcination, so as to effectively prevent the color of abrasive from blooming. The best color is blue black. If the content of sulfur in brown corundum is less than 0.05%, there is no obstruction. If sulfide formed by oxidation of sulfur and other artificial corundum metal compounds in smelting continues to exist in smelting process.

(cheap 150 grit aluminum oxide suppliers south africa)Sulfur in brown aluminum oxide often leads to foaming and loose structure of products produced or used in high temperature oxidation atmosphere. (the sulfur content shall be analyzed by using the total carbon analyzer and the burning method). The work includes: cleaning the furnace bottom material, trimming the electrode, cleaning and repairing the furnace wall, installing the 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media furnace wall, inspecting and removing other defects of the furnace.

Repair the damaged parts of the side wall, hearth and car body. Wet and take out the silicon carbide abrasive furnace bottom materials. If the materials are used up by the new material method, wash them with water and remove the salt. Dry them before use. When the furnace bottom is baked materials, take them out and sift them. Each furnace is stored separately for use. Clean up the oxygen silicon carbide, silicon carbide and other aluminium oxide sandblasting materials on the electrode, so that the electrode end is exposed to the fresh surface.

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