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Cheap 150 Grit Aluminum Oxide Wholesale Price UK

In the green carborundum process of machining, the plastic deformation due to the action of cutting force causes character distortion, shear slip between grains, elongated and fibrotic grains, even broken grains, black oxide aluminum which will improve the hardness and strength of the surface metal. This phenomenon is called cold work hardening (or strengthening).

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The main factors affecting cold work hardening are: the increase of the silicon carbide companies blunt radius of the cutting edge, the increase of the extrusion effect on the surface metal, the increase of the plastic deformation, resulting in the enhancement of cold work hardening. The wear of the back face of the cutter increases, the friction between the back face and the machined surface increases, and the plastic deformation increases, aluminium oxide sandblasting resulting in the increase of cold hardness.(cheap 150 grit aluminum oxide wholesale price uk)

With the increase of cutting speed, the action time between white fused alumina tool and workpiece is shortened, and the extension depth of plastic deformation and the depth of cold hard layer are reduced. With the increase of cutting speed, the action time of cutting heat on the surface layer of workpiece will be shortened, and the degree of cold hardness will be increased. With the increase of the feed rate, the cutting force increases, the plastic deformation of the aluminium oxide blasting surface metal increases, and the cold hardening effect strengthens.

(cheap 150 grit aluminum oxide wholesale price uk)Change of metallographic structure of surface layer material. When the cutting heat causes the temperature of the arc fused alumina machined surface to exceed the phase transformation temperature, the metallographic structure of the surface metal will change. There are three kinds of burn: grinding burn, quenching burn and annealing burn. Whether the installation is reasonable and meets the safety requirements; whether the aluminum oxide blasting abrasive use method is correct and meets the safety operation regulations.

There are two ways to improve white aluminum oxide grinding burn: one is to reduce the generation of grinding heat as much as possible; the other is to improve the cooling conditions so that the heat generated is less transmitted to the workpiece as much as possible. The proper choice of aluminium oxide abrasive grit grinding wheel and cutting parameters can improve the cooling condition. Surface layer residual stress.(cheap 150 grit aluminum oxide wholesale price uk)

The causes of surface residual stress are as follows: first, residual stress is produced in the fused alumina surface metal layer during cutting, while residual tensile stress is produced in the inner metal layer. Secondly, in the cutting process, there will be a lot of cutting heat in the cutting area. The third is that the surface metal of different metallographic structure produces the change of metallographic structure, and the change of specific volume of aluminium oxide blasting grit surface metal must be hindered by the base metal connected with it, so there is residual stress.

(cheap 150 grit aluminum oxide wholesale price uk)A circular consolidation silicon carbide price abrasive tool with a through hole in the center is made by using an abrasive binder and the like. It is the most widely used grinding tool with the largest amount of grinding wheel. When it is used, it can rotate at high speed. It can be used for rough grinding, semi-fine grinding, slotting and cutting of various profiles of metal or non-metal workpiece. One of the most commonly used equipment in aluminum oxide abrasive media grinding machine factory.

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