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Cheap 180 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blasting Media

The essence of Internet marketing is the operation of white fused alumina business information. The so-called business information can be divided into three elements: commodity information, transaction information and feeling information. Any kind of business exchange, in fact, contains these three kinds of information, and the Internet-based marketing method is to develop different information operation strategies according to different stages of aluminum oxide abrasive business operation, and mainly through the network method to achieve marketing design and operation.

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The white aluminum oxide circulation of information exchange between customers and enterprises, according to different stages, circulates different information elements, and customizes the commodity information, transaction information and feeling information of the three elements respectively. The first cycle: the cycle of aluminum oxide grit commodity information, that is, the exchange of commodity information between enterprises and customers.(cheap 180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media)

In this cycle, the key is to require customers to reach a mass, the traditional way is to use silicon carbide price media advertising, storefront or dealer distribution and other ways, while the network marketing is mainly completed through the propaganda of the website or the directional sending of e-mail. The second cycle: customized exchange of commodity information. Enterprises send customized information to customers. After white aluminum oxide abrasive customers accept customized product information, they have transactions with enterprises.

(cheap 180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media)In the second cycle, we mainly deal with the green carborundum customer information that is willing to exchange information with enterprises or has been traded in the first cycle, but such customer information also needs to reach a certain amount before it is necessary to customize the commodity information. The third cycle: white fused aluminium oxide customized exchange of transaction information. That is to say, it makes old customers buy many times.

As in the previous cycle, this cycle is necessary when silicon carbide companies customer group 3 reaches a certain scale. The fourth cycle: the customization of sensory information, or service information, enables customers to get different service feelings. In the above cycles, after all kinds of customized processing, the proportion of pink fused alumina customers who have transactions with grinding enterprises in the customer base is gradually increasing.(cheap 180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media)

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