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Each factory may have slightly different processes due to different conditions, but in principle they are not fundamentally different(low sodium white fused alumina). The requirements for the preparation of raw pulp are: the materials involved in the chemical reaction must have a certain degree of fineness(white aluminium oxide super fine); the materials involved in the chemical reaction must have a certain ratio and uniform mixing.

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From the basic process of Bayer process production(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit), we can roughly divide the entire production process into the following main production processes; raw pulp preparation, high-pressure dissolution, dilution of dissolving pulp, separation and washing of red mud, seed decomposition, aluminum hydroxide Classification and washing, roasting of aluminum hydroxide, evaporation of mother liquor and caustic soda, etc(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media).(cheap 20 mesh aluminium oxide grit suppliers indonesia)

Therefore, the preparation of raw pulp has an important role in the production of alumina. Liaoyuan pulp preparation is the first process of alumina production(aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit). The so-called raw pulp preparation refers to the preparation of raw materials such as bauxite, lime, sodium aluminate solution, etc.(carborundum abrasives), which are used in the production of alumina by the Bayer process, to prepare raw pulp with chemical components and physical properties that meet the dissolution requirements. 

(cheap 20 mesh aluminium oxide grit suppliers indonesia)The so-called red mud is the mud slag obtained by dissolving bauxite(brown aluminum oxide sandblasting). Because the dissolving ore pulp is subjected to sedimentation and separation of red mud, dilution of the dissolved ore pulp can reduce the viscosity of the sodium aluminate solution and facilitate the sedimentation and separation of red mud. Dissolution pulp is composed of sodium aluminate solution and red mud(black silicon carbide powder). It is the product of the reaction of bauxite and sodium aluminate solution at high temperature. 

The main technical indicators of the original pulp preparation process are: aluminum-silicon ratio(white fused alumina), pulp fineness, liquid-solid ratio, calcium oxide addition amount, supplementary alkali amount, circulating mother liquor concentration, ingredient molecular ratio, etc. After the dissolution process is completed, the stability of the dissolution pulp cannot be too great. Otherwise it is not convenient to carry out the decomposition process.(cheap 20 mesh aluminium oxide grit suppliers indonesia)

Whether or not a slurry that can meet the requirements for alumina production will directly affect the dissolution rate of oxidation errors, technical and economic indicators such as red mud sedimentation performance(white aluminum oxide), seed decomposition rate, and alumina production(aluminum oxide blasting media). Promote further desilication of the sodium aluminate solution. Because it often contains a large amount of iron oxide, it is red, which is customarily called red mud. 

(cheap 20 mesh aluminium oxide grit suppliers indonesia)Since the equilibrium concentration of silicon oxide in sodium aluminate solution increases with the increase of the concentration of aluminum oxide(white corundum), in order to ensure the quality of aluminum hydroxide, the silicon content index of silicon oxide in the semen must be above 300(green silicon carbide powder). Since the separated red mud is accompanied by a part of sodium aluminate solution, in order to reduce the loss of Al2O3 and Na2O, the red mud is washed. 

The dilution of the sodium aluminate solution will reduce the equilibrium concentration of SiO2(brown aluminium oxide 24 mesh), and a large amount of red mud is used as a seed to make the solution desiliconize. Seed decomposition is the process of cooling the sodium aluminate solution to increase its supersaturation, adding aluminum hydroxide as a seed, and stirring to precipitate aluminum hydroxide(silicon carbide grit). The purpose of dilution of the dissolution pulp is as follows.

white aluminium oxide
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