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Cheap 220 Grit Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers Malaysia

Carborundum, or silicon carbide abrasive, is a colorless and transparent crystal. Industrial silicon carbide is light yellow, green, blue or even black due to the different types and contents of impurities, and its transparency varies with its purity. Due to the lack of natural content, most of the black silicon carbide is man-made.

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Because of its stable chemical properties, high thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion coefficient and good wear resistance, it can be used as brown fused alumina as well as for other purposes: for silicon wafer, optical lens, precision instruments, polished glass shell, glassware, ceramic stone, leather, plastic and metal parts, it can improve the smoothness. some green silicon carbide manufacturers have used our products, and they The problem has been solved perfectly. 

(cheap 220 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers malaysia)It can be cut by sand blasting. It is the necessary raw material for manufacturing brown aluminum oxide grinding wheel, oilstone, emery cloth and sand. It can be used as a good wear-resistant material for building highway pavement, aircraft runway, wear-resistant rubber, industrial floor, anti-skid paint, etc. It can be used as a aluminum oxide abrasive medium for chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, water treatment and filtration and a weighting agent for drilling mud.

It has a good effect on the white corundum protection of electroplating and nuclear pollution. For other binders, when meeting other main physical and chemical properties, proper plasticity of binders should also be considered, so as to reduce the amount of temporary binders as much as possible. What customers want is actually your product, and they must have a certain understanding of the black aluminum oxide blast media product, with a slightly higher pertinence.(cheap 220 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers malaysia)

If you can understand some examples of product applications from aluminium oxide sandblasting customers, what kind of effect our products have achieved, and other materials, which are presented on the website after editing, you can certainly pass on a kind of value information: And customers are also fond of these content, so in the future work, black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media try to track the use of customers, so as to get more guidance and ideas of website content creation.

(cheap 220 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers malaysia)Plasticity is an important performance index when choosing 80 grit aluminum oxide blasting media material and water pouring binder, because the plasticity of the binder has an important influence on the suspension ability, shrinkage, wet and dry strength of the binder. Plasticity refers to that the material can be molded into the required shape without cracking under the action of certain external force after water is added into the slurry, and it has the ability to keep the shape unchanged after the aluminum oxide grit external force stops.

The common method is to mix black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit quartz sand with coke, add salt and sawdust, put them into an electric furnace, and heat them to a high temperature of about 2000 ° C. The plasticity of the binder mainly depends on the mineral type, organic content, particle dispersion, proportion of plastic materials in the binder, etc. for the use of fo chrome corundum materials More binders can be added with colloidal substances or some dry binders to improve their plasticity.

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