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Cheap 220 Grit Aluminum Oxide Wholesale Price Ireland

Chrome corundum is the best choice for cupola lining. The melting furnace temperature of Bayan cupola is 1450 ~ 1500 ℃, silicon loss is less than 8%, manganese loss is less than 13%, coke iron ratio is 1:7 ~ 9, iron oxide content is less than 6%, and it also has the characteristics of good energy saving effect. In practice, the cupola is built with corundum white ordinary refractory bricks and refractories.

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The temperature of molten iron can reach above 1410 ℃ immediately and 1450 ~ 1550 ℃ in half an hour after starting to cast iron for 50 kg. However, when the brown fused alumina furnace is opened for 1 hour and 50 minutes, the temperature will drop again to about 1410 ℃. Open the furnace the next day and find that all the 180 grit aluminum oxide refractories near the second row of tuyeres have been eroded, and the bayonet furnace has become a straight tube cupola, thus losing its advantages.

(cheap 220 grit aluminum oxide wholesale price ireland)In order to maintain the advantages of bayonet cupola, the refractory of furnace lining must be solved. This problem can be solved by using green silicon carbide with excellent performance as furnace lining. The furnace body of corundum pouring furnace is a thin shell structure which can be tilted. It has the characteristics of heavy load, high temperature and tilting. Chrome corundum is a product made by reducing Cr2O3 with black alumina.

It is equivalent to a kind of composite refractories made of pure corundum (or white corundum) by adding more than 10% pure Cr2O3 after melting. Because of the high content of Cr2O3 and its combination with corundum matrix, it is called chrome corundum. In the production process, black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit is smelted at a high temperature of more than 2000 ℃, and its composition is relatively uniform because of its good thermal stability and high-temperature chemical stability.(cheap 220 grit aluminum oxide wholesale price ireland)

The high density of brown aluminum oxide is one of the key factors to improve the lining life. The porosity of the cooled and solidified chrome corundum block after melting is small, so the key part of the furnace body is built with chrome corundum, and the gap of the brick is filled with chrome corundum powder and binder. Over the years, the smelting process of brown corundum has been improved with the development of production, and the progress of design level is quite remarkable.

(cheap 220 grit aluminum oxide wholesale price ireland)Not to mention the change of black silicon carbide material transportation mode, only the furnace type change has the melting block method and the dumping method. When working, it not only bears static and dynamic mechanical stress, but also bears thermal stress load day. With the development of furnace type, the supporting facilities on the fused alumina furnace are also improved with the continuous improvement of operation, energy saving and other requirements.

After silicon carbide abrasive research and demonstration. In the traditional mechanical dumping mechanism, except that the last stage big gear is suspended on the trunnion, all other devices are installed on the foundation. After the trunnion is flexed, the normal engagement of the last stage gear pair will be damaged, resulting in serious wear of the gear or gear fracture, arc fused alumina which endangers the safety of production.(cheap 220 grit aluminum oxide wholesale price ireland)

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