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Cheap 240 Grit Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers Indonesia

The mechanical properties of arc fused alumina mainly include four items, namely micro hardness, single particle compressive strength, tensile strength, and toughness. Hardness refers generally to the ability of an object to resist external invasion. It is the hardness of a "match" by scoring scratches between each other, and the "noun" of corundum abrasive hardness.

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At present, diamond is the hardest material known in the world. It has a score of 10 on Mohs hardness, fused alumina which is the highest hardness. Microhardness uses diamond with the tip less than 1mm as the indenter, and the hardness of the substance is evaluated by the indentation of the test object. The so-called Mohs hardness is a kind of comparative hardness. So the toughness currently called aluminum oxide abrasive media is essentially brittle.(cheap 240 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers indonesia)

Mechanical strength refers to the brown fused alumina ability of a substance to resist the damage of an external force. Under the action of an external force, a material will generate a resistance of equal size and opposite direction inside. This internal resistance is called internal force. The compressive strength of honing alumina abrasive is measured with a single particle. Strength is the stress limit that a material exhibits when subjected to external forces. 

(cheap 240 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers indonesia)The internal force is called stress. There are two types of expressed values, synthetic corundum price one is the pressure per unit area-Kg / mm2, and the other is the compression failure pressure-expressed in kilograms. The tensile strength of the abrasive is also measured by compressive failure, but the calculation method is different, because the 100 grit aluminum oxide white particles are broken into two halves after compression, and the interior is the role of tensile stress.

According to the definition of material toughness and brittleness, the toughness measured by the current brown aluminum oxide industry is essentially brittleness. The term toughness refers to the ability of a substance to withstand large deformations without damage under the action of external forces, while brittleness refers to the 240 grit aluminum oxide ability of a substance to be damaged without significant deformation under the action of external forces.(cheap 240 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers indonesia)

Microhardness hardness values are expressed in Kg / mm2. The compressive strength and tensile strength of an alumina grit abrasive is the limit of its compressive or tensile stress, so it is the breaking strength. There are three methods for measuring abrasive brittleness, namely, static pressure method, impact method, and ball milling method. The static pressure method is relatively stable, and the brown fused alumina manufacturer error of repeated measurement is within 1.5%.

(cheap 240 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers indonesia)Honing brown aluminium oxide toughness measurement is a measure of the brittleness of a group of particles. The micro-powder that leaves the factory must keep the moisture in the product below 0.5%, so it needs to be dried, and the product agglomerates because of drying, so it needs to be loosened, and then white fused alumina manufacturer packed and shipped. Spherical particles are under tensile stress within 80% of their diameter, so tensile stress can be measured using pressure.

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