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Cheap 240 Grit Aluminum Oxide Wholesale Price Qatar

Fused corundum is rich in A120. Products or raw materials with corundum as the main crystal phase, such as fused corundum brick, fused A-R corundum brick, fused white corundum, brown corundum, β - corundum, etc. There are many kinds of fused corundum, including white corundum, brown corundum, cyano corundum, sub white corundum, bauxite corundum and dense fused corundum.

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W (A12O3) > 99%, white, block material, apparent porosity is 6% - 10%, the main brown aluminium oxide crystal phase is a-a12o3, the crystal is long strip and rhombus, and it is often skeletal crystal. Because the raw material is very pure, there is no chemical reaction in the melting process of the electric furnace, but the aluminum oxide abrasive temperature and cooling speed of the molten liquid have a great influence on the structure of the block.(cheap 240 grit aluminum oxide wholesale price qatar)

In terms of homogeneity, it is important to obtain as dense a block as possible. When the Na 2O in the raw white fused alumina material solidifies, β - A12O3 will form, which is easy to concentrate in the central part of the block, and will bring adverse effects on refractories and abrasives. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the content of Na 2O in the black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit raw material. In addition, there are a small amount of nepheline and glass in the block.

(cheap 240 grit aluminum oxide wholesale price qatar)Green corundum, also known as low silicon carbide abrasive, is made of high iron bauxite hot material, which is melted and crystallized in high temperature in electric arc furnace. The main crystalline phase of corundum is corundum phase, the sub crystalline phase is iron spinel, the bulk density is 3.7-3.9g/cm, and the fire resistance is usually greater than 1800cc. During the preparation of aluminum oxide grit, iron and silicon are mainly removed.

By adjusting the formula, the proportion of primary and secondary phases can be controlled to meet the different white aluminum oxide requirements of refractories (w (A12O3) > 80%) and abrasives (w (A12O3): 73%). Refractory corundum can be successfully used as blast furnace slag aggregate instead of white corundum. The cutting effect of abrasive wheel made of black alumina is better than that of the same kind of wheel made of white corundum.

(cheap 240 grit aluminum oxide wholesale price qatar)green silicon carbide is made of natural bauxite as raw material, carbon (mainly coke) as reducing agent, and iron filings as settling agent (clarifier) to form ferrosilicon to sink at the bottom of electric furnace. The basic principle of its preparation is as follows: Fe2O3 + c-fe (less iron reduced) + CO ↑ Si02 + C + Fe (corundum white adding iron filings) - ofesi j + CO ↑ or Si02 + C -- = Si ↑ + CO ↑, ↑ I02 + C + Fe - FeSi ↓ + CO ↑.

Fused white corundum, also known as fused alumina, is made of calcined alumina or industrial alumina powder and melted at high temperature in an electric arc furnace. In the above reactions, Fe2O3, Si02 and Ti02 can be reduced successively and easily, and the starting temperature of reduction is also different. The black silicon carbide reduction temperature of fee is 720 ℃, SiO is 1530 ℃, and Ti02 is 1650 ℃.(cheap 240 grit aluminum oxide wholesale price qatar)

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