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Cheap 30 Grit Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers UAE

According to the author's experience, sodium benzoate has poor antifungal effect(silicon carbide abrasive). It can not kill fungi, and formaldehyde has a strong odor, which is harmful to the health of workers. As the pouring temperature of steel parts is high, refractory powder with high fire resistance should be selected(carborundum powder). Sodium bentonite or lithium base bentonite can be used as suspending agent in water-based EPC coating.

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After mixing evenly, discharge the material into colloid mill, grind it and put it into barrel for standby(green silicon carbide). Firstly, bentonite, CMC and water are put into the circular body of the disperser. The impeller size and its installation position in the drum are shown in the figure. High speed disperser(garnet suppliers). For thick carbon steel parts and alloy steel castings, binder powder and white corundum powder can be used as refractory powder.(cheap 30 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers uae)

Stir into slurry, then add refractory powder to continue mixing, then add binder, surfactant, defoamer and preservative in turn(black silicon carbide). The preservatives commonly used in Foundry coatings are ground vanillin (also known as thymol), pentachlorophenol (also known as pentachlorophenol), sodium pentachlorophenol, Industrial formaldehyde (also known as formalin), etc(alumina polishing powder). The dosage of Industrial formaldehyde is 0.2 ~ 0.4g/t.

(cheap 30 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers uae)The equipment used for coating production includes dispersion equipment and grinding equipment(aluminum oxide abrasive). The impeller of the machine is a flat disc plate, which can be cut into various tooth shapes along the edge of the impeller. It bends upward, downward, inward and outward at different angles, which has a strong shear effect on the powder(white aluminium oxide powder). Because the ball mill is working in a closed state, less solvent evaporation loss.

There are some special requirements for EPC coating compared with general sand casting coating, and there are not many mature formulations in China at present(aluminum oxide grit). The operation of the ball mill is noisy, the shutdown is laborious, and the feeding and discharging are inconvenient(steel grid). Therefore, it is not commonly used to prepare the coating by the segmented loading liquid operation method(it can be adjusted to 1 ~ 5um).(cheap 30 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers uae)

It can be seen from the figure that the inner diameter of the barrel should be equal to 2.8 ~ 4 times of the outer diameter D of the impeller(synthetic corundum), and the distance h from the impeller to the bottom of the barrel should be equal to 0.5 ~ 1 times of the outer diameter D of the impeller. H is the best loading height of mixing drum(carborundum grit suppliers). Grinding equipment. The grinding equipment includes colloid mill, ball mill and three roller grinder.

(cheap 30 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers uae)The clearance between the rotating teeth and the fixed teeth of the colloid mill can be adjusted very small(emery abrasive). It can be seen from the figure that its structure is a kind of grinding machine which directly drives the height of the dimensional rotating teeth by a special long axis motor(glass bead blasting media suppliers), for example, and produces a relative moving surface with the fixed teeth supported by the base adjusting plate to process materials.

Ball mill is also a kind of grinding equipment for coating preparation(garnet abrasive). All solid raw materials and solvents in the coating are also loaded into the drum. Stirring and dispersing are usually carried out in high-speed disperser. In order to obtain good dispersion effect, the linear velocity of impeller should be greater than 2000mm / s(green silicon carbide powder). If the paint variety needs to be changed, the roller and grinding ball should be cleaned before use.

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