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Cheap 46 Grit Aluminum Oxide Suppliers Belgium

Color of brown corundum: the first grade of brown corundum production is brown, the second grade is gray, and the third grade is gray and black. Main uses of brown corundum: more than 96% of the brown corundum is produced. The first grade and second grade of aluminium oxide grit suppliers are mainly used for abrasive Abrasives, high standard wear-resistant floor, water filtration, etc.

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Glass products: crystal grinding and pattern carving. Grade of brown fused alumina  the main component of the first grade, second grade and third grade brown corundum is aluminum oxide, which is used to distinguish grades. Stainless steel, surface decontamination, welding slag removal and matte effect. Iron work pieces, rust, dirt, oxide skin, increase coating, coating adhesion. white aluminum oxide blast media workpiece, descaling, surface strengthening and polishing. Copper work piece, matte effect of deoxidized skin.

(cheap 46 grit aluminum oxide suppliers belgium)Plastic products (hardwood products) matte effect. Denim and other special fabrics, plush processing and effect pattern density of brown aluminum oxide. Density of brown corundum: the density of brown corundum can be divided into two methods, one is the accumulation density of brown corundum, the other is the particle density of brown corundum. The bulk density is 1.53-1.99g/cm3. Application scope of Hongda aluminium oxide blasting abrasive: workpiece material, sandblasting purpose and process requirements. 

The bulk density of abrasive is related to the particle size, brown aluminium oxide particle size composition, variety, particle shape and other factors. Generally speaking, the bulk density of coarse-grained abrasive is larger than that of fine-grained abrasive, and the bulk density of mixed granularity abrasive is larger than that of single granularity. The particle density is 3.95 ~ 4.0/cm3. The chrome corundum particle density of abrasive refers to the mass of abrasive contained in unit volume (excluding the volume of open pores).

(cheap 46 grit aluminum oxide suppliers belgium)Sand blasting abrasive arc fused alumina: it is also called natural corundum. Brown corundum is a brown artificial corundum made by melting and reducing three kinds of raw materials: bauxite, coke (or anthracite) and iron scraps in an electric furnace with a temperature of more than 2000 degrees. The main chemical composition of white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit is Al2O3, with the content of 94.5% - 97%. In addition, it contains a small amount of Fe, Si, Ti, etc.

After grinding and shaping by autogenous mill, iron is removed by magnetic separation, and garnet abrasive price is divided into many kinds of particle sizes. It has dense texture, high hardness, and spherical particles. It is suitable for manufacturing ceramic, resin high consolidation abrasive tools, grinding, polishing, sandblasting, precision casting, etc., and also for 1200 grit aluminum oxide manufacturing high-grade refractory materials. The lower the aluminum content, the lower the hardness.(cheap 46 grit aluminum oxide suppliers belgium)

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