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Cheap 46 Grit Aluminum Oxide Wholesale Price Portugal

Melt-cast refractory refers to the arc fused alumina raw materials and batch materials that are melted at high temperature and then cast into products with a certain shape. There are two methods for melting the batch: electric melting and aluminizing. The electric melting method is to melt the pink fused alumina batch in an electric arc furnace or a resistance furnace. Currently the most widely used is fused cast zirconium alumina brick.

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There are many types of brown fused alumina refractory products. The aluminizing method uses the heat released by the aluminizing reaction (2Al + Fe2O3 → 2Fe + Al2O3 + Q) to melt the batch. Electrofusion method is the main method of producing fused cast refractories. The general production process of fused alumina refractory products is: raw material preparation → processing → batching → mixing processing → melting → casting → heat treatment → mechanical processing.

(cheap 46 grit aluminum oxide wholesale price portugal)Other fused cast products include fused cast mullite bricks, silicon carbide price zircon mullite bricks, fused cast corundum bricks, and fused cast products such as quartz, magnesium, spinel and forsterite. Compared with sintering products, fused cast products have the following characteristics: fused cast zircon corundum refractories use selected zircon ore or silicon carbide companies sand after desilication treatment and industrial alumina as raw materials.

First, powdery raw materials are mixed. It is made into pellets, melted in an electric arc furnace at about 2000 ° C, and then the brown aluminum oxide melt is cast into a sand mold or a metal mold to be formed, and then heat-treated and machined to form a fused-cast corundum refractory product. This product is used in direct contact with molten metal and slag. It is an indispensable fused aluminium oxide material for the most severely affected parts of glass melting furnaces.(cheap 46 grit aluminum oxide wholesale price portugal)

The seriousness. However, this white corundum material should not be used in locations where temperature changes frequently in the range of 900 ~ 1150 ℃. This material can also be produced by sintering. Similarly, zircon mullite bricks can also be produced. The concrete products are very dense, with less pores and high density; high mechanical strength; high temperature structural strength; high thermal conductivity and good slag resistance. It is a good white alumina powder material to resist erosion.

(cheap 46 grit aluminum oxide wholesale price portugal)The ball mill uses the grinding body in the cylinder to crush the green carborundum material. At the same time, the relative sliding of the grinding body has a grinding effect on the material. It is characterized by strong crushing ability. Large crushing ratio (up to 200-300). Simple structure, easy to inspect and replace worn parts, but it is noisy and vibrates during operation, the white aluminum oxide blast media machine is heavy, and the starting torque is large. It is also used for slag corrosion in metal smelting furnaces and vessels. 

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