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Cheap 46 Grit Aluminum Oxide Wholesale USA

Novol resin: novol resin is a linear resin formed by condensation of aluminium oxide blasting grit phenol and p-phenylenedimethanol, p-phenyldimethyl ether or p-dichlorotoluene under the action of f-1g catalyst (a1c1, fec1l, ZnCl, SnCl, BF). The new phenol resin is added with hardener - Urotropine or epoxy resin, synthetic corundum price which can harden into a hard solid insoluble and immiscible after being heated.

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The amount of its hardener, urotropine, is 6% ~ 10% of the resin, and the white corundum curing temperature is 160 ~ 180 ℃, which has some influence on the heat resistance of the product after hardening. New phenol resin is not as effective as phenolic resin when it is used alone in the artificial corundum manufacture of abrasive tools. Therefore, it is generally used in the ratio of (0.25 ~ 2): 1, mainly used in the manufacture of high-speed heavy-duty grinding wheel and diamond abrasive tools.(cheap 46 grit aluminum oxide wholesale usa)

Polyelectrolyte resin: polymer with repeat so group in main chain is called polyfloat. Polyfloat used in industrial aluminium oxide abrasive grit production is a thermoplastic resin which is condensed from bisphenol A (diphenylpropane) and 4.4 '- dichlorodiphenylalum in dimethylsulfite solution with sodium hydroxide as catalyst. Because of its special structure, for high-speed grinding disc and high-speed cutting wheel, creep property, good mechanical strength and electrical aluminum oxide blasting abrasive properties.

(cheap 46 grit aluminum oxide wholesale usa)It is difficult to white fused alumina process and shape the grinding tools by using the resin alone. Long term use temperature can reach 150 ~ 174 ℃. It is mainly used to reduce the viscosity of resin liquid and improve the fluidity of molding materials. Therefore, it has excellent heat resistance, the method of using the resin together with phenolic resin is adopted to aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit manufacture the grinding rotor groove with high strength and good heat resistance and the wheel with heavy load.

The new phenol resin is characterized by strong adhesion, high heat resistance, good chemical stability and stable aluminum oxide for sand blaster product size. The most commonly used acetals in industry are polyvinyl formal (PVA) and butyraldehyde (PVB). Polyvinyl alcohol is a white and tasteless fused aluminum oxide powder with a density of 1.2-1.38g/cm, which is easily soluble in water, but its solubility is affected by polymerization degree, alcoholysis degree and temperature, and it is resistant to animal and vegetable oil.

(cheap 46 grit aluminum oxide wholesale usa)It has good chemical stability. Polyvinyl alcohol acetal adhesive can be prepared by acetalization of white aluminum oxide polyvinyl alcohol with different aldehydes in the presence of acid catalyst. The properties of acetals depend on the structure of raw material polyvinyl alcohol, degree of hydrolysis, aluminium oxide blasting chemical structure of aldehydes and degree of acetalization. Butyraldehyde has long branched chain, so it has good flexibility and low glass transition temperature (50 ℃).

Selection of strands: 10-30 strands of yarn can be selected, high purity fused aluminum oxide flat wheel reinforcement, 20-40 strands of yarn can be selected. Its function is to improve the rotation strength of the grinding wheel, reduce the fatigue of the grinding wheel, keep the broken pieces of the black alumina grinding wheel, and improve the side rigidity of the sheet grinding wheel, ketone and ester organic solvents. Polyamide is a kind of thermoplastic resin with better mechanical strength.(cheap 46 grit aluminum oxide wholesale usa)

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