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Cheap 60 Grit Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers Malaysia

When we use anything, there will be problems. Of course, even if the white corundum is hard and has good performance, there will be problems. This is inevitable. So what problems do we often encounter with the white corundum we use? So how to solve them? Let's discuss them together. When we use aluminium oxide sandblasting, sometimes it's because of the workers' carelessness, sometimes it's also the environmental factor.

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Let's start with the factor of workers. When workers use white fused alumina, they add too much iron and steel material in it, which will cause problems of white corundum and greatly reduce its performance. Also, when we process the white corundum, the workers let the white corundum contact with iron and steel articles too much, and did not do their best to protect the silicon carbide price. Ma is suitable for processing stainless steel, carbon steel, bearing steel and special ductile iron.(cheap 60 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers malaysia)

In the process of processing, we need to pay special attention to the fact that the aluminium oxide blasting cannot contact with iron and steel articles too much. The workers must pay attention to the iron. There is also the reason for the environment. In the process of production, the problem of white corundum is caused by the air. The air of some manufacturers is very bad, which leads to the bubble of silicon carbide companies in the process of production, which leads to the damage of white corundum.

(cheap 60 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers malaysia)This place needs to remind each factory Home, we must pay attention to the environmental problems of each aluminum oxide blasting abrasive factory. This place is a very important place. We must tell workers to pay special attention to the content of iron and steel. These are the problems and solutions that white corundum often encounter. As long as workers pay special attention to work and the manufacturer pays attention to the sanitation of the factory, the probability of problems of green carborundum will be reduced.

Therefore, the reason for the environment is also a very important place for aluminium oxide abrasive grit. Compared with brown corundum and white corundum, it has higher strength, toughness and crushing resistance, and is suitable for processing steel with higher toughness and hardness. The color and chemical composition of microcrystalline corundum (MA) are similar to that of brown corundum, but its abrasive grains are composed of many small-sized crystals, which have the characteristics of high strength, toughness and self sharpening.(cheap 60 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers malaysia)

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