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Cheap 60 Grit Aluminum Oxide Suppliers In China

For stone materials that require maintenance, synthetic corundum price is no exception. Many users think that white corundum sand does not need maintenance when it is used. This is a wrong choice, which will cause white corundum to consume too quickly, which is a waste of resources and also costs. The following Qianjiaxin refractory will introduce to you in detail!(cheap 60 grit aluminum oxide suppliers in china)

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The maintenance of alumina grit also needs to accommodate a little skill, you can't maintain it blindly, otherwise you will lose more than you gain. Generally used cleaners are some neutral cleaners, which is good for cleaning aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive and will not harm white corundum. It is important to pay attention to the use of cleaning agents. Practice has proved that it is more practical than the first two methods.(cheap 60 grit aluminum oxide suppliers in china)

This is the black aluminum oxide media. If a non-neutral cleaner is used, although it can play a cleaning role, it can damage the white corundum. This is wrong. It should be prevented as much as possible when cleaning; the covering is sophisticated, and the covering is generally used in a specific way. Some substances cannot cover the carpet for a long time, and this will affect aluminum oxide 40 grit, because white corundum has many chemical properties.

(cheap 60 grit aluminum oxide suppliers in china)Many things are now white fused alumina chemical products, so once the conflict occurs, the result will be serious. Since it is cleaning, it must be cleaned. You cannot make simple operations. If you leave a little each time, Then it will be difficult to clean up after a long time; the maintenance of white corundum must be regular, so that the aluminum oxide abrasive media itself has a certain luster; the dirt should be removed in time, and the storage place should be ventilated and dry.

The problem of waxing, sexual wax, stearic acid wax, oily wax, acrylic wax, etc. all contain acid and alkali substances, corundum abrasive which will block the pores of stone breathing, and will be stained with dust to form wax scale, causing yellowing of the stone surface. phenomenon. White corundum can only have a good effect when it is used well. Regular maintenance can not only extend the life of alumina abrasive, it is also satisfactory to use.

white aluminum oxide has a very low heat generation rate, so it can be used for firing molds, and the color of the mold is very unusual. It is dark blue, so the effect of firing molds is very good. The third role. Another feature of 60 grit aluminum oxide is that it has good fluidity. Because the fluidity is better, the expansion coefficient will be much lower. Therefore, it is a good way to use it as a filler. This is the fourth role of white alumina powder.(cheap 60 grit aluminum oxide suppliers in china)

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