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Cheap 60 Grit Aluminum Oxide Suppliers USA

The down-fired kiln loading kiln (also known as yard kiln, loading, and palletizing) is a process of placing the 60 grit aluminum oxide grinding tool body in the kiln in accordance with different methods in different temperature zones in the kiln. When installing the kiln, the temperature distribution in the kiln should be uniform. At present, the 100 grit aluminum oxide blast media loading density of batch kiln in China is generally 0.2 ~ 0.4t / m.

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The control of the firing system follows the physical and chemical reaction of the firing and the change of the white fused alumina physical properties of the bad body; the temperature fluctuation of the grinding wheel during the firing is too large. In actual production, waste products are often produced due to improper handling of each stage in the firing process. The post-burning color of black aluminum oxide media abrasives is closely related to its mineral composition and is mainly affected by the oxides of titanium.

(cheap 60 grit aluminum oxide suppliers usa)Common waste products include the following. When the product is in an elastic state, compressive stress is generated in the periphery due to uneven heating, and tensile stress is generated in the hole diameter. Since the compressive strength of the kneeling material is 7-9 times higher than the tensile strength, cracks appear in the tensile part, that is, the hole crack. On the contrary, peripheral cracks are most likely to occur during the aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive cooling process.

The cause of the outer diameter crack is: the heat is uneven during the white aluminum oxide burning, and the temperature of the outer diameter is too high. During the heating process of the grinding tool, the titanium-containing minerals (TiN, TiC, Ti2O3, iron-titanium alloy, etc.) are transformed into rutile (TiO2), The volume is caused by abnormal expansion. The content of Al2O3 (95% ~ 90%) in aluminum oxide 40 grit is the main measure to resolve blushing.(cheap 60 grit aluminum oxide suppliers usa)

The cause of aperture cracks is that when the 150 grit aluminum oxide grinding wheel is in the temperature rising stage (especially 450 ~ 750 ° C), the heating rate is too fast. Grinding wheels are cracked along the diameter, and the two ends of the cracks are slightly twisted. Some cracks are not seen after leaving the kiln, the cooling speed of the 180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media grinding wheel is too fast during the cooling stage, but the sound is hoarse and appears after a few days or processing.

(cheap 60 grit aluminum oxide suppliers usa)The cause of radon is: the cooling speed of the white corundum grinding wheel in the cooling stage (especially below 400 ℃) is too fast, and the temperature of the kiln is too high. After the brown corundum grinding wheel is fired, the surface has a pattern like a "turtle cover", and the volume of the grinding wheel slightly expands. The reason is that the aluminum oxide abrasive media of titanium-containing minerals has not been calcined at high temperature (1000 ° C).

For example, synthetic corundum price when titanium nitride is oxidized to rutile at 500 ~ 700 ℃: The density of 2TiN + 202-2TiO + Na titanium nitride is 5.16g / cm, and the density of rutile is 4.25g / cm3, and the volume expands. When the melting temperature of the grinding tool reaches 450 ~ 700 ° C, the above carbon-containing substance is carbonized. At this time, the mechanical strength of the alumina abrasive grinding tool is very low, and it is easy to cause mesh cracks.

A certain amount of AlTiO2 can make alumina grit particles appear blue, and when AlTiO2 is too much or too little, corundum abrasive particles appear yellow or white. The strong oxidizing atmosphere or higher firing temperature promotes the production of AlTiO2. When the content of A12O3 in the white alumina powder abrasive is too high (more than 96.5%), it will also make the grinding tool white after burning, which causes thermal stress and cracks.(cheap 60 grit aluminum oxide suppliers usa)

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