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When the brown fused alumina industry measures the high-temperature relative fluidity of glazes, the inclined flow method is often used. That is, the glaze is placed in a circular recess in a ceramic flow groove plate at an angle of 45 °. After aluminum oxide grit firing at the firing temperature, measure The flow length is expressed by its relative flowability.

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When measuring the relative fluidity of the binder, the plane flow method is often used, that is, the brown aluminum oxide binder is made into a 15x15mm sample, placed on a refractory plate, and the diameter of the sample flowing after the site is burned (in mm) is calculated by the following formula Its relative fluidity φ (in%). However, the pink alumina flow length or diameter of the sample is related to the material of the bottom plate and its surface state.(cheap 60 grit aluminum oxide wholesale suppliers uae)

The samples are compared under the same conditions. Both methods can be used to determine the white corundum relative fluidity of the binding agent. After the common flow of the binding agent is measured by the flow method, its relative fluidity is between 90% and 130%. between. Because the fluidity is largely determined by the high-temperature dryness of the black aluminium oxide material, a method of measuring the high-temperature dryness can also be used.

(cheap 60 grit aluminum oxide wholesale suppliers uae)The silicon carbide abrasive definition of viscosity refers to two parallel liquid layers with an area of: moving at a certain speed gradient dv / dx The frictional force f generated at the time. n is the dryness or dynamic viscosity coefficient of the melt. Its unit is Pa · s, 1Pa · s = 10dPa · s (minutes Pa · s).There are many methods for measuring the brown fused aluminium oxide high overflow dryness of glass or glaze, namely the rotation method, the 'ball method, the falling ball method, and the wire drawing method.

These two methods are relatively simple and green silicon carbide can be implemented without special equipment. The side measurement range of the rotation method is 10 ~ 108dPa · s, the side measurement range of the ball drawing method and the falling ball method is 10-104dPa · s, and the measurement of the wire drawing method is 108. The high frustration of the 1015dPa · S white fused alumina price material is divided by the temperature. It is related to the composition of the material.(cheap 60 grit aluminum oxide wholesale suppliers uae)

According to the experience of the ceramic industry, black silicon carbide at the same temperature, when Na2o is high in the glaze, the high temperature dryness is small, and the influence of K2o on viscosity is slightly inferior to Na2O. CaO, MgO will increase at low temperature and decrease the viscosity of the black aluminum oxide media glaze at high temperature Too much Sio2 content. Especially when it exists in a free state, it will increase the high temperature viscosity of the glaze.

(cheap 60 grit aluminum oxide wholesale suppliers uae)Therefore, only the relative fluidity is obtained. In the manufacture of aluminum oxide abrasive grinding, there are more stepped cleavage surfaces, more breaks and more micro-porous abrasive particles on the surface topography. It is preferable to use a binder with a low temperature viscosity, that is, a relatively high fluidity. So that the pink aluminium oxide binding agent can flow into the more complicated terrain, increase and dissolve the dead knot surface, and have better dead knot strength.

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