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Cheap 600 Grit Aluminum Oxide Powder Made In China

The effect of silicon on the toughness of high manganese steel is less studied(steel shot abrasive). When the content of tw (SI) is 0.45%, the toughness reaches the highest value. Therefore, silicon can push out the solid solution of phosphorus and carbon and promote segregation(buy brown fused alumina). The increase of silicon content can not only make carbides precipitate along the product boundary, but also increase the precipitation of intragranular carbides.

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When w (SI) < 0.5%, too low silicon content will make the high manganese steel deoxidize insufficient(glass bead abrasive), reduce the metallurgical quality: when w (SI) > 0.5%, especially 0.8%, carbides will precipitate in a large amount, and appear lumpy, which will prolong the heat treatment time or forced to increase the heat treatment temperature, resulting in coarse particles and low toughness(black aluminium oxide). If used, it should also be covered with sand with a certain thickness (1 ~ 10 mm) to prevent the formation of transgranular structure.

(cheap 600 grit aluminum oxide powder made in china)Silicon is a non carbide forming element in steel, but it can promote the precipitation of carbide in high manganese steel as cast(white fused alumina). With the increase of silicon content in steel, the amount of carbide precipitated increases and the carbide becomes coarse. In the process of casting condensation(brown fused aluminum oxide factory), the solid solution of silicon in austenite affects the solubility of carbon in austenite, promotes carbon desolvation and precipitates in the form of carbide.

The results show that the high manganese steel has poor thermal conductivity(garnet abrasive price), high temperature gradient can appear in the casting mold, which is easy to produce hot cracking. Moreover, silicon can also change the morphology of carbides. When the silicon content is low [such as w (SI) = 0.2%], the atomic radius of lattice type (cubic crystal type) is much smaller than that of Y phase, the carbides are usually in needle shape(white fused alumina manufacturer), and the silicon content increases to 0.8% The carbides are massive.

With the increase of silicon content, the solution strengthening effect of high manganese steel is obvious, and the yield strength increases(white aluminum oxide), but the tensile strength changes little. Only when the w (SI) is more than 1.0%, the tensile strength increases obviously. Due to the complexity of wear conditions and the limitation of equipment and instruments(brown fused aluminum oxide suppliers), the influence of silicon on wear resistance can only be carried out by low impact and low stress abrasive wear testing machine.(cheap 600 grit aluminum oxide powder made in china)

The residual silicon in high manganese steel can be dissolved in austenite(white corundum). When w (SI) < 0.5%, the toughness increases with the increase of silicon content, which is caused by the deoxidization of dry silicon in high manganese steel to improve metallurgical quality; When UW (SI) > 0.5%, due to the solid solution of silicon in austenite, which makes the obvious distortion surface of austenite lattice play the role of solution strengthening(white aluminum oxide blast media), resulting in the decrease of toughness.

(cheap 600 grit aluminum oxide powder made in china)When the silicon content increases from 0.2% to 1.0%, the wear resistance increases(glass beads manufacturers). When the silicon content continues to increase to 1.2% - 1.4%, the wear resistance also increases with the increase of silicon content. This gives designers and production departments more choices. In the production of high manganese steel castings, the metal mold must be covered with sand, the inner chill is forbidden(white fused alumina price), and the outer chill should be used with caution.

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