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Cheap 70 Grit Aluminum Oxide Blast Media

Natural refractory refers to the refractory material used directly after cutting or breaking natural rock. The most commonly used siliceous rocks, such as aluminum oxide grit, sericite quartz schist and silicon quartz schist, are also some of the high quality natural refractories. These materials can be used in glass melting furnaces and other less demanding white fused aluminum oxide industrial furnaces as well as ladle and induction furnace linings.

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In addition, pyrophyllite, sillimanite, forsterite, smectite, chromite, natural graphite, etc. can also be used as a brown aluminium oxide refractory material. Refractory clinker refers to the natural refractory mineral raw material that is mined. Because it loses structural water, chemical reaction or aluminum oxide abrasive crystal form conversion under high temperature, it causes great changes in properties and volume, so it needs to be dehydrated by pre-satin burning.(cheap 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media)

Except for a few simple indirect methods, most of them simulate the actual erosion conditions of silicon carbide abrasive refractory materials during use, and the comparative test method is adopted. There are basically the following four categories: the equilibrium state method represented by the melting cone method; the chrome corundum static method represented by the citrus catastrophe method; the dynamic method such as the slag method, the slag casting method, the dropping slag method, and the spin bar method law. 

(cheap 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media)There are many methods for determining slag resistance. After pre-calcining, the white fused alumina product with reduced chemical activity, volume stability and compact structure is refractory clinker, such as natural bauxite dehydrated by satin-burned kaolinite, high alumina bauxite clinker obtained after Moly petrochemical. After the black aluminum oxide blast media satin is burnt, the volume shrinks, the bulk density increases, the carbonate decomposes, and the magnesia grain grows to obtain the burnt magnesia.

The green silicon carbide chemical reaction or crystal form conversion is completed or substantially completed in the pre-calcining process. Refractory frit refers to the use of natural refractory raw materials, light-fired refractory raw materials or industrial raw materials, through the melt processing process, the chemical reaction is fully carried out at high temperature, and even some impurities are removed, and the 1200 grit aluminum oxide molten smelting is formed after cooling and solidification.(cheap 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media)

The smelting is crushed and sorted into refractory frit products, such as fused white aluminum oxide produced from industrial alumina, brown corundum produced from high alumina bauxite, alumina corundum, fused magnesia produced from light burnt magnesium powder. Sand, etc. Natural refractory materials and refractory clinker and frit can be used as a type of product, and some of them can also be attributed to black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media refractory raw materials.

(cheap 70 grit aluminum oxide blast media)Erosion is caused by fluid impinging on the working surface of the black silicon carbide refractory material, causing direct loss of solid particles therein. When the flowing slag impacts the surface of the refractory material, due to the dynamic and static forces such as impact, friction and extrusion of the fluid, and shearing, it is easy to generate or promote deformation, so that the black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit surface layer of the material is directly lost, and the slag is attached. Layer thinning or erosion surface renewal accelerates slag erosion.

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