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Cheap 80 Grit Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers Canada

The temperature is 85 ~ 90 ℃ and the standing time is about 6 ~ 8 hours(100 grit aluminum oxide); then, the wax liquid is injected into the water removal bucket, and the temperature is raised to about 100 ℃. The water mixed in the wax material is evaporated in the mixing process, and the mixing time is generally more than 12 hours(aluminum oxide blasting grit). Therefore, it is not suitable to use the high temperature mold material Rapid evaporation dehydration process.

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It not only makes the color of the mold material gradually dark and dark brown(fused aluminium oxide), but also increases the shrinkage and brittleness of the mold material, and ultimately affects the quality of the casting. After being filtered by 60 ~ 80 mesh screen at the outlet(white aluminium oxide blasting media), the wax liquid in the dewaxing bucket flows into the static drum for static decontamination The temperature was controlled at 80 ~ 85 ℃ for more than 12 hours.(cheap 80 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers canada)

At present, many domestic factories use imported resin based commercial mold materials(aluminum oxide blast media), but due to the high temperature in the evaporation and dehydration process when reusing the mold materials, the resin and wax materials in the mold material are gradually oxidized and carbonized(brown fused alumina micropowder). The regeneration and reuse process of resin-based mold material is as follows: stirring evaporation dehydration and static decontamination.

(cheap 80 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers canada)For the wax material after steam dewaxing process(black silicon carbide factory), it should be noted that the temperature of evaporation and dehydration process should be controlled in the range of 98 ~ 100 ℃ (the maximum temperature should not exceed 105 ℃), so that the mold material will not be oxidized and discolored, static dehydration(silicon carbide grit suppliers), and the mold material can maintain the performance and color of the new material for a long time.

Generally, in order to simplify the process flow(black silicon carbide manufacturers), the static dehydration process of (process 1) in the above regeneration and reuse process can be combined into the dewater bucket of (process 2). That is, the melted wax liquid in the steam dewaxing kettle is directly injected into the dewatering bucket, and the temperature is controlled at < 90 ℃ for 6-8 h(brown alumina abrasive). Until the wax on the surface of the wax has basically disappeared.(cheap 80 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers canada)

In recent years(brown fused alumina factory), in order to speed up the recycling speed of pattern materials, some factories in Europe and the United States and other western countries have increased the temperature of stirring evaporation dehydration. The temperature of water bucket is 110 ~ 120 ℃ or even as high as 130 ℃. Due to the high temperature(aluminum oxide blasting), the mold material is easy to oxidize and carbonize, which makes the color darker and performance worse.

(cheap 80 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers canada)Then, the raw materials were processed again and the properties were determined(black silicon carbide suppliers). After steam dewaxing, the wax material is dewatered in a static barrel. After the process, the temperature is raised to 98 ~ 100 ℃ for stirring evaporation dehydration After 12 hours, the process remains unchanged(white fused aluminum oxide refractory). The recycling treatment of resin based mold material is mainly to remove the moisture, sand and dust in the mold material.

The temperature of stirring evaporation dehydration of resin based mold material at 98 ~ 100 ℃ is applied (the maximum temperature is not more than 105 ℃)(brown fused alumina suppliers). Although the treatment time is slightly prolonged, it can protect the mold material from oxidation and carbonization surface deterioration, and keep the performance and original color of the new material unchanged for a long time(white corundum price), so it should be popularized and applied.

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