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Cheap 80 Grit Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers Mexico

Artificial corundum can be used as an abrasive, or it can be sintered with a binder composed of corundum and a metal base to make a corundum cutter head. It can be installed on a cutter body such as a partition disc, a partition saw, or a drilling machine to produce a diamond cutter for stone processing Or oil drilling. The inventor of this aluminium oxide abrasive grit process has been engaged in stone processing for many years. 

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brown aluminum oxide tools made from emery have high grinding power but short service life. Emery, scientific name silicon carbide, is pure colorless crystal with a density of 3.06 to 3.20. Corundum is very hard, about 9 degrees on the Mohs scale, its strength is around 20 kg, and it has very weak magnetism. fused aluminum oxide is a mixture of silicon dioxide and coke in an electric furnace after high temperature (2000 ° C) treatment and crushing. The hardness is second only to diamond.

(cheap 80 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers mexico)During the process of using the stone saw, it was found that the brown fused alumina cutting head was welded to the circular saw of the stone saw. The longer the storage time after welding, the more ideal the use effect and the storage period. After a long service life, fast speed, more sawing, and can even double. In order to solve the above-mentioned technical problems, the black synthetic corundum technical solution of this process is: a method for processing diamond cutting tools. 

In addition, the inventor found that the original magnetic steel, magnet, and brown aluminium oxide grinding machine could not be ground, but it could be ground after demagnetization at elevated temperature (80 ° C). Therefore, the inventor considered these two phenomena in combination and linked the magnetic and wear resistance between Together, and did a lot of experiments, finally researched out the method of this process, to improve the use effect and aluminium oxide blasting grit working efficiency of diamond cutting tools.

(cheap 80 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers mexico)The technical problem to be solved by this process is to provide a method for processing black alumina cutting tools, which can improve the wear resistance of diamond cutting tools, prolong the service life, and improve its use effect and work efficiency. it includes the following steps: welding and fixing the diamond cutting head to the 46 grit aluminum oxide tool body to obtain a diamond cutting tool; placing the diamond cutting tool in a magnetic field for magnetization treatment .

As a preferred technical solution, the magnetic induction intensity of the corundum white magnetic field is 1000 Gauss to 20000 Gauss. As a preferred technical solution, the magnetic induction intensity of the magnetic field is 12000 Gauss. After the above technical scheme is adopted, the beneficial effect of this process is that, because the metal phase constituting the binder in the diamond cutting head has magnetism, the aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit cutting head is welded and fixed to the cutting body to obtain a diamond cutting tool.(cheap 80 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers mexico)

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