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Cheap 80 Grit Aluminum Oxide Manufacturers Spain

Corundum refractory products, especially special aluminum oxide 220 grit abrasive refractory products, that is, high-temperature ceramics, are produced in the refractory industry as well as in the building materials, electronics, chemical, and machinery industries. Corundum refractories are high-quality and high-efficiency products. Developed countries abroad are seeking high-purity 180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media raw materials.

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Among them, high-purity aluminum oxide 40 grit raw materials are one of the key development products. Al2O3 is an ionic crystal with a very stable structure. Low-silicon sintered corundum bricks with SiO2 less than 0.5% are special furnace linings for carbon black, boron chemical industry, chemical fertilizers, its insulation is still excellent, good abrasion resistance and high strength, such as aluminum oxide abrasive media light bricks, ammonia reactors and gasifiers.(cheap 80 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers spain)

Because of its high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength and other corundum abrasive properties, it is used as a sliding nozzle for pouring steel, smelting rare metals, special alloys, high-purity metals, glass drawing, crucibles and vessels for making laser glass; alumina abrasive refractory materials, linings (walls and pipes) of ceramic ironmaking blast furnaces; physical and chemical utensils, spark plugs, heat-resistant and oxidation-resistant coatings.

(cheap 80 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers spain)Due to the black aluminum oxide media characteristics of high hardness, it is used as a part of various reaction vessels and pipes and chemical pumps in chemical systems; it is used as mechanical parts and various abrasive tools such as wire drawing dies and polar pencils. Due to its high-temperature white alumina powder insulation, it is used as a thermocouple's ferrule and protection tube, insulating ceramic, and various other high-temperature insulation components.

Used at high frequency, coupled with its small loss and low dielectric constant, such as the use of white fused alumina to make various large-scale electronic tube shells, it is widely used in the electronics industry for solid-state integrated circuit substrate sockets, housings, and porcelain frames. Microwave window, 60 grit aluminum oxide etc. Mandrel mouth, etc. make tools, abrasives, bullet-proof materials, human joints, sealed grinding rings, etc.(cheap 80 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers spain)

white aluminum oxide products have good air-tightness and are tightly airtight even at high temperatures, so they are widely used in electrical vacuum, and dual in-line package housings in solid microcircuits. Corundum insulation materials, corundum hollow balls and fiber products, are widely used in the furnace walls and roofs of various high-temperature kilns, 100 grit aluminum oxide blast media which are both high temperature resistant and thermally insulating. 

(cheap 80 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers spain)The abrasive and abrasive industry is an important branch of the machine tool industry; high voltage and high temperature, its white corundum products are widely used in various industries of mechanical processing and manufacturing; and the application areas involved in recent years have been continuously expanded! The rapid development of China's rail transportation industry and the 150 grit aluminum oxide abrasive grinding of machine tools With huge demand for products.

With the continuous improvement of rail transportation capacity and speed, the alumina grit requirements for safe and stable driving and riding comfort are becoming stricter. Grinding the track is also one of the new uses of abrasive tools in track construction. Track grinding Rail grinding is mainly to 220 grit aluminum oxide polish the rolling surface of the top of the rail by a grinder or a train. The rail grinding maintenance is necessary to ensure safe and efficient locomotive operation.(cheap 80 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers spain)

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