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Before application, the internal and external surfaces shall be smooth and free from rust(black silicon carbide). After coating, the internal and external surfaces shall be smooth and smooth, the coating shall be uniform and firmly adhered to, and shall not be abnormal due to the cold and hot weather(glass bead blasting media suppliers). If the re inspection results are still unqualified, the root of the tooth iron pipe will be discarded.

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If the re inspection result is still unqualified, the approved iron pipe shall be rejected(white fused alumina). The size of cast iron pipe fittings shall be measured by calipers or sample plates and measuring tools with sufficient precision. Cast iron pipe table and quality of coating by visual inspection(aluminium oxide blasting grit). Besides meeting the above requirements, the sealing working face of the socket shall not have continuous axial groove and pitting surface.

(cheap 80 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers usa)The bending strength test of pipe ring shall be conducted at the socket end of cast iron with qualified surface quality, and the size of sample shall be taken(aluminum oxide abrasive). The nominal diameter of the pipe shall be less than or equal to 350mm. The width of the pipe ring shall be half of the average diameter; for cast iron pipes with nominal diameter equal to or greater than 400mm(garnet suppliers), the ring intention of the pipe shall be 200mm.

The meaning of the word "smelting method" in the standard does not include the concepts of deoxidation methods (such as the static production of fully existing oxygen(white aluminum oxide), semi deoxidized semi cautious static steel and boiling steel) and casting method (as noted above, bet, continuous casting). The inspection and acceptance of cast iron pipe shall be conducted by the technical supervision department of the supplier.(cheap 80 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers usa)

Two samples shall be taken for each shift (within 8h) of chemical analysis(aluminum oxide grit). However, when changing the protective material, the chemical analysis must be carried out by sampling. The air tightness test shall be conducted after hydrostatic test and before application. Seal the wall at both ends of the iron pipe and immerse it in water for air tightness test(steel grid). The size, table and coating quality of iron pipe shall be checked one by one.

(cheap 80 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers usa)The cast iron pipe shall be inspected and accepted according to the batch(white corundum). It refers to the practice of using the training principle to cure rain, such as using flat furnace, arc envy, oxygen blowing to envy, electroslag furnace, vacuum test furnace and mixed steelmaking(emery abrasive). When the specified pressure is reached, the pressure stabilization time is not less than 306, and it is qualified to observe that there is no bubble on the water surface.

Each batch shall be made up of cast iron pipes of the same nominal diameter, one pipe wall thickness, the same length of ruler and the same chemical analysis results(silicon carbide abrasive). The force sample test shall be conducted once for each shift (8h) when the production of less than or equal to 50 iron feeding pipes poured with the same iron retaining liquid, and twice for more than 50 pieces (once for interval 4b(garnet abrasive), large pipe and small pipe).(cheap 80 grit aluminum oxide manufacturers usa)

The gas tightness test is conducted according to the provisions of gb223.1-7-81 and gb223.8-24182 chemical analysis methods for steel and alloy(green silicon carbide). Cast iron is allowed to cast the name or trademark, year, month and thickness grade symbol of the manufacturer at the socket(synthetic corundum). If any item is unqualified, the core pipe and parts shall be scrapped, and double samples can be taken from the M "batch of cast iron pipe fittings".

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