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Cheap 80 Grit Aluminum Oxide Suppliers Norway

There is less dust; brown aluminum oxide is used for surface grinding, because of its high proportion, so the dust produced in the spraying process is less. This ensures the health and safety of the operator and improves the visibility of the aluminum oxide abrasive media operator. Compared with slag (in the process of slag formation, cold water or even sea water is used for high-temperature cooling, so the glass phase structure is formed, which is fragile).

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Because slag is relatively brittle, it is easy to be crushed into small particles in the spray grinding process. Because the brown aluminium oxide proportion of slag is relatively small, small slag particles are suspended in the air, resulting in environmental pollution. Similarly, quartz sand is a very fragile abrasive. High efficiency: alumina abrasive, under certain pressure, can hit the surface of the object with sharp edges and corners rapidly, so it is regarded as a very fast grinding method.(cheap 80 grit aluminum oxide suppliers norway)

Low loss; the unique particle size of brown fused alumina ensures that more effective particles impact the surface of the object (such as 30-60 mesh sand, 11 million particles per kilogram can be produced to impact the surface of the object, while conventional slag, such as 20 mesh, only 1 million particles can be produced to impact the surface of the object), so the use of 100 grit aluminum oxide white pomegranate sand can greatly reduce the loss of abrasives - usually 1 / 3 of conventional Abrasives can be saved.

(cheap 80 grit aluminum oxide suppliers norway)silicon carbide abrasive, green silicon carbide abrasives, black silicon carbide abrasive, cerium silicon carbide abrasives, etc., belong to silicon carbide abrasives, mainly composed of silicon carbide SiC, with high hardness, high brittleness, sharp abrasive particles, good thermal conductivity and strong wear resistance, brown fused alumina manufacturer which are more suitable for processing hard and brittle metal and non-metal products. 

Zirconium corundum abrasive are also crystal compounds, with slightly lower hardness, finer crystal size and good wear resistance. The ground and road surface paved with polychrome stones can beautify the environment and protect the body. The acceleration and velocity of particles in the air flow are the effects of inertia and particle size. Because the brown corundum contains Fe element and the iron element is reddish brown, the grade and quality of white alumina powder can be distinguished by its color.(cheap 80 grit aluminum oxide suppliers norway)

synthetic corundum price is made of carbon, bauxite and iron filings. Because of the color of iron filings, high-quality brown corundum should be brown yellow. Observing the color is a way to identify brown corundum. Alumina is one of the components of brown corundum. The content of alumina is directly related to the quality of aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit. The industrial production method of silicon carbide is to use high-quality quartz sand and petroleum coke in the resistance furnace.

(cheap 80 grit aluminum oxide suppliers norway)The alumina grit is divided into three grades, the best of which is the first grade brown corundum, followed by the second grade and the third grade. The quality standard of brown corundum mainly depends on the content of Al2O3, and the one with the content above 95% is the first grade brown corundum. The content and quality of the second and third grade corundum decreased gradually. The color of white fused alumina manufacturer can be distinguished by its color.

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