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Cheap Abrasive Blast Media Suppliers Philippines

The mass fraction of alloying elements in cast aluminum alloy is generally higher than that in wrought aluminum alloy(aluminum oxide blast media). Casting aluminum alloy has good fluidity but poor plasticity. It is mainly used to make parts, pipes, daily necessities, nails and ornaments in contact with liquid(aluminum oxide blast media 36 grit). At present, the application of Qian alloy in industry (such as aviation, textile, radio, instrument and metallurgy industry) is more and more.

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Most aluminum alloys can be strengthened by heat treatment(fused aluminium oxide), aerospace, automobile, tractor manufacturing and other industrial sectors, high plasticity and higher strength than pure aluminum. The mechanical properties can be improved by modification (grain refinement) and heat treatment (for example, the strength of LY12 alloy is 460pa)(aluminum oxide suppliers). It is indicated by "LF" plus ordinal number, such as LF2, lf1l, LF21, lf43, etc.(cheap abrasive blast media suppliers philippines)

Casting aluminum alloy is expressed by "ZL" and sequential number, such as ZL101, z105, ZL201, etc(100 grit aluminum oxide). Antirust aluminum alloy is a kind of wrought aluminum alloy composed of aluminum manganese series or aluminum magnesium system. It is characterized by good corrosion resistance, good polishing property, long-term bright surface(aluminum oxide manufacturers). Due to the different types of products and different service conditions, there are many kinds of alloys.

(cheap abrasive blast media suppliers philippines)Duralumin, also known as duralumin, is a wrought aluminum alloy containing copper, money, manganese and other elements(black synthetic corundum). It is characterized by high strength and hardness, and it can be strengthened by heat treatment (dropping fire and aging). Because of the poor corrosion resistance of the alloy, so they are widely used in aviation(brown aluminium oxide grains), a layer of pure aluminum (alclad) is often used in the production of semi-finished products of duralumin.

This kind of alloy is represented by "ly" plus sequential number, such as Ly1, LY2, LY3, etc(black fused alumina). It is used for manufacturing loose nails and structural parts under various forces. Forged aluminum is one of the wrought aluminum alloys. It is used to make various forgings or stamping parts (such as internal combustion engine piston(white aluminium oxide grains), supercharger impeller, etc.), which generally has high plasticity and high strength in hot state.(cheap abrasive blast media suppliers philippines)

This kind of alloy is represented by "lt" followed by serial number, such as LT1, lt13, lt41, lt62, etc(garnet suppliers). According to the properties and uses, it can be divided into hard couple, antirust aluminum alloy, superhard aluminum, forged aluminum and special aluminum(aluminum oxide crystals). Aluminum alloy of semi-finished materials such as tube, bar, wire, shape, plate, strip and strip produced by pressure processing method is called wrought aluminum alloy.

(cheap abrasive blast media suppliers philippines)LT1 is Al Si alloy with Si content ranging from 4.5% to 6.0%(garnet abrasive). It has good pressure workability and corrosion resistance. It is used to make welding rods and welding rods, and as filler in welding aluminum alloys. Other special aluminum has its own uses. Magnesium based alloys are often called ultralight alloys(abrasive grade aluminum oxide). Aluminum alloy used to directly cast mechanical parts of various shapes (referred to as casting) is called cast aluminum alloy.

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