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The chemical reaction of alkaline washing is; the next step is to wash with water to remove the lye(arc fused alumina). Corrosion adopts strong acid corrosive liquid mainly hydrochloric acid. The combination of aluminum ions and chloride ions becomes ACL, which is dissolved in the solution(white fused aluminum oxide). Finally, the corrosion coefficient K value is measured, and then cleaned with pure water, dried and packed, and the small corrosion pits are square.

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During the corrosion process(glass beads supplier), the concentration of AIC in the etching solution increases, the concentration of the CI plant decreases, and the corrosion rate slows down. The corrosive liquid is often mixed acid or multi-stage corrosion to increase the corrosion coefficient(steel shot abrasive). During the machining process of cold rolling and rolling of the aluminum box below, the aluminum metal structure undergoes irreversible plastic deformation.(cheap abrasive blast media suppliers portugal)

As the frequency of communication increases, the density of surface pits increases, the diameter decreases, and the distribution of pits becomes more uniform(silicon carbide companies). After the aluminum foil corroded by electrodialysis is washed with water, the residual oxygen ions in the deep pits on the surface of the aluminum pin are difficult to clean with water, which will cause future problems(aluminium oxide blasting grit). For this reason, new etching solution must be continuously added.

(cheap abrasive blast media suppliers portugal)Apply a reverse voltage of 40~50V between the aluminum foil and the electrode to make the chloride ions migrate from the deep hole to the outside of the hole and enter the water to flow out, so as to achieve the purpose of purification. After rolling the aluminum box, we analyze the factors that are closely related to it(glass bead abrasive). The purity of the aluminum foil used is very high, and the structure of the metal (or alloy) is changed by heating.

Its purity is 99.85%~99.99%(green carborundum). It contains only a very small amount of impurities. When the metal impurities are standard If the electrode potential is positive compared to the electrode potential of aluminum (that is, it is less likely to lose electrons than aluminum), then it will form the cathode of the corrosion battery(high purity fused aluminum oxide), and the aluminum with a relatively negative potential will corrode the anode of the battery, which is called metal heat treatment.(cheap abrasive blast media suppliers portugal)

If it is not annealed, there must be frequent internal stress(black oxide aluminum). At present, the corrosion systems of aluminum boxes in foreign countries are quite different. For example, the corrosion production lines in Japan and France are listed. High-voltage foil corrosion production line: Japan's Nagano company uses secondary DC sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid corrosion(garnet abrasive price), and Japan's ELNA company and French SATMA company both use hydrochloric acid DC corrosion.

(cheap abrasive blast media suppliers portugal)When the stress distribution is uniform, the effect on the corrosion rate is not very large(silicon carbide price). When aluminum is subjected to AC corrosion in hydrochloric acid solution, the positive half is considered as the initiation and formation period of pitting corrosion. The nucleation of pitting corrosion is at the weak point of the structure, and the corrosion has crystal orientation(brown fused alumina suppliers). Stress and deformation can accelerate the metal corrosion process.

However, if the stress distribution is uneven(fused alumina), that is, there is stress concentration, the corrosion process will not only accelerate, but in many occasions, due to the distortion and deformation of the metal lattice, the corrosion in these areas may become crevice corrosion, increasing the corrosion depth, resulting in aluminum pins Corrosion cracking(glass beads manufacturers), the main method to prevent stress corrosion is annealing to eliminate its stress.(cheap abrasive blast media suppliers portugal)

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