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The main protection of each main transformer is equipped with transformer differential protection device, backup protection device and non electric quantity protection device(silicon carbide grit). It refers to the ability to respond to fault conditions within the specified scope of protection(black silicon carbide abrasive). The minimum and maximum values of fault parameters are calculated according to the most unfavorable operation mode, fault type and short circuit point.

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The protection device meeting the sensitivity requirements should be able to react sensitively and correctly in case of fault in the area(aluminum oxide abrasive blasting grit), that is, regardless of the location of the short circuit point and the type of short circuit. The maximum calculated value of action parameters in case of metal short circuit in the protection area / the action parameters of K1 protection responding to the decrease of value = UD / UDM(aluminum oxide blasting media).(cheap abrasive blasting grit manufacturers canada)

The minimum calculated value of fault parameters in case of metal short circuit in the protection area / the action parameters of protection = LDMA / LD(black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media). Reliability refers to the occurrence of a fault that belongs to its change action, it can act reliably, that is, it does not refuse to act (refuse to act); while in the case of no change action(white aluminum oxide 80 grit), it can reliably not act, that is, it does not have wrong action (referred to as maloperation).

(cheap abrasive blasting grit manufacturers canada)The reactance value, harmonic current and other technical parameters of each branch reactor shall be calculated by the supplier and checked and determined by the design institute(aluminum oxide sandblasting media). Sensitivity is measured by sensitivity coefficient and expressed as KLM. Non electric quantity protection device realizes quick break, over-current, overload protection(brown fused alumina mesh size F54), time limit zero sequence over-current protection and other protection of rectifier system.

There are internal and external factors affecting the reliability(brown corundum abrasive): internal quality of the device itself, including the quality of components, the rationality of structural design, the level of manufacturing technology, the simplicity of internal and external wiring, the number of contacts, etc(brown aluminum oxide 16 grit). Whether the external operation and maintenance level, each filter branch is equipped with 4 sets of ZnO arresters, debugging and installation are correct.(cheap abrasive blasting grit manufacturers canada)

Technical requirements for arrester selection(corundum sand): there are 3 sets of ZnO arresters at the two ends of each phase capacitor of each filter branch, and one set of ZnO arrester is set at the neutral point of each filter branch to the ground; the operation voltage(white corundum factory), residual voltage and current carrying capacity of Zn arresters are based on the basic criteria of protecting each phase capacitor from overvoltage and restraining system overvoltage.

(cheap abrasive blasting grit manufacturers canada)The protection device can realize the following protection(220 grit aluminum oxide): differential protection, composite voltage blocking over-current protection, fixed time limit zero sequence current protection, inverse time limit zero sequence current protection, overload protection, zero sequence over-current protection, zero sequence over-voltage protection(aluminium oxide polishing powder), gas protection, main transformer on load tap changer gas protection transformer electricity protection device.

Heavy gas protection of transformer body, pressure release protection(black aluminum oxide media), heavy gas protection of on load tap changer and non electric quantity protection are completed by non electric quantity protection device. The light gas alarm and other alarm signals are collected by the monitoring device(brown aluminum oxide 46 grit). The basic requirements and principles of electrical protection are the basis of analyzing and studying the performance of relay protection.

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