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On the contrary, when the anode of the capacitor is connected to the negative pole of the power supply(pink fused alumina factory), the current is very large, and even has the trend of continuous increase. Y. Sasaki studied the unidirectional conductivity of the oxide film. This kind of pit looks like a tunnel, so it is called tunnel etch(brown aluminum oxide 22 grit), and become a p-type semiconductor with hole conduction, which is perfect in the middle The medium acts as a barrier layer.

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After a long period of time, and the pressure relief device (explosion-proof device) fails due to opening the valve(brown fused alumina mesh size F16). At this time, it can be considered that the conductivity of the oxide film is very large, that is, the insulation resistance is very small, which is "leading to" the current(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit), so the oxide film has "unidirectional conductivity" Or "rectification effect", "polarity". This effect is called the "self-healing" property of the anodic oxide film.

(cheap abrasive blasting grit suppliers switzerland)However, it is not obvious at room temperature or low pressure(brown fused alumina mesh size F20). The mechanism of rectification effect of oxide film can be discussed by p-i-n theory of anodic oxide film. The properties of anodic oxide film of electrolytic capacitors will affect the electrical parameters of capacitors(black fused alumina factory). A preliminary analysis of the micro mechanism of the main properties will help to grasp the essence of the electrical properties of such capacitors.

It is believed that the formation of the oxide film depends on the migration of ions through the oxide film(white aluminum oxide 50 mesh). Therefore, in the oxide film near the anode metal, there will be excess metal ions, which are in the position of interstitial ions. The concentration distribution of metal ions is higher at the anode body(pink fused alumina manufacturers), and the higher the distance, the lower the concentration distribution at the anode In the membrane near the electrolyte side.(cheap abrasive blasting grit suppliers switzerland)

According to the physical concept of semiconductors(refractory grade black silicon carbide), the area with excess metal atoms after the formation of oxide film can be regarded as a semiconductor doped with donor impurities (providing electrons), so it becomes an n-type semiconductor with electronic conductivity, the capacitor is heated seriously(white corundum 320 mesh), while a semiconductor with excess oxygen atoms can be regarded as a semiconductor with acceptor impurities (providing holes).

(cheap abrasive blasting grit suppliers switzerland)Under the action of electric field(brown aluminum oxide 12 grit), the electrons in A-type semiconductor move to the "+" end of voltage, and the holes (with positive charge) in the house type semiconductor move to the "one" end of voltage. As a result, the area I of the middle resistance layer is enlarged, that is to say, the barrier of current is prevented from thickening The resistance is high, and it becomes a current blocking state(brown fused alumina mesh size F22), and the pit depth is 50 ~ 100 um.

We restore the original electrical performance of the capacitor(white aluminum oxide 150 mesh). In the early stage of pitting corrosion, a semi cubic pit is formed, which is perpendicular to the metal surface along the crystal surface. The diameter of the pit is about 1 um, the surface density is about 10 ~ 10 ° cells / cm(brown aluminum oxide 20 grit). According to the p-i-m junction theory of oxide film, the anode of electrolytic capacitor is connected to the positive pole of power supply.(cheap abrasive blasting grit suppliers switzerland)

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