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When the density is too small and dip coating(aluminum oxide abrasive), we should choose a reasonable pattern to dip into the direction and position of the paint so as to prevent the deformation of the foam pattern. It is easy to obtain smooth surface, no side mark and uniform thickness coating(white aluminum oxide grit). Reasonable quality indicators, necessary inspection items and sampling inspection items should be formulated for each kind of raw materials.

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Spray coating is a method to make coatings under a certain pressure with foggy, fine droplets or powdered jets to form coatings on the surface of foam plastics(brown fused alumina price). This method has high productivity and is suitable for mechanized production of large area patterns.  Flow coating is a low pressure casting method(steel shot abrasive). Its disadvantages are complex equipment, inconvenient maintenance, high cost, general coating quality and easy accumulation.

(cheap abrasive garnet sand factory uk)Air spraying is an air spraying method that uses compressed air and spray gun to make the paint atomized and compress with the compressed air and spray onto the surface of the foam pattern so as to form a coating method(pink corundum). When the roller rotates, due to the friction and impact between powder, water solution, abrasive body and simple wall, the powder is crushed and the components of coating are mixed evenly(aluminum oxide grit).

The advantages of airless spraying are high spraying efficiency(white alumina), no rebound, easy to form enough coating thickness, also conducive to the coating of concave, less coating loss, water-based and alcohol based coatings can be applied. It is a coating method that the coating is pressed out of the flow nozzle by a pump and then poured onto the surface of the mold and core(aluminium oxide abrasive grit). Spraying methods include air spraying and high pressure airless spraying.(cheap abrasive garnet sand factory uk)

This method has high production efficiency and is easy to obtain smooth coating surface(green silicon carbide). The pressure of the cylinder is the product of the pressure of the high pressure cylinder and the pressure of the coating is 0.7 MPa. The pressure ratio before and after pressurization is equal to the ratio of the area of the two pistons(glass beads manufacturers). The surplus paint flows into the paint barrel under the mold and core for continuous use.

(cheap abrasive garnet sand factory uk)The measurement process is to pour the coating into a volume of 100ml(black corundum), weigh the mass of 100ml coating with a pharmaceutical balance, and divide it by the volume (100ml) of the coating to obtain the density of the coating. Quality control of raw materials the quality of raw materials has a great impact on the performance of coatings(glass bead abrasive). Raw materials into the factory to carry out strict inspection and inspection records.

The quality control of production process mainly includes quality control plan, preparation of production operation instruction(black silicon carbide), supervision of ingredients, on-site sampling test, process record, sample preservation, emergency plan and equipment management. The coating should have high viscosity to ensure the coating thickness(alumina abrasive), and the coating should have appropriate shear dilution performance to obtain uniform coating.(cheap abrasive garnet sand factory uk)

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