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Cheap Abrasive Garnet Sand Manufacturers Germany

It will gradually transform into a cristobalite(white corundum manufacturers), and a crystallization phenomenon occurs, which is called high-temperature crystallization (white spots), which makes the quartz glass opaque; when the temperature decreases, the quartz on the a side will turn into the quartz on the β side at low temperatures(100 grit aluminum oxide media). A volume change (-3.7%) will cause cracks and peeling. Impurity content is the main factor for crystallization.

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Corundum is an amphoteric oxide, but it is often weakly alkaline at high temperatures, sometimes neutral, and has strong resistance to acids and alkalis(100 grit aluminum oxide blast media). In recent years, the crystallization resistance of domestic fused silica has been significantly improved. In the structure, O is the most densely packed in hexagonal layers, occupying 23 octahedral gaps(alumina grit). In addition, there is also a kind of Al2O3, which rarely exists in nature.(cheap abrasive garnet sand manufacturers germany)

Alumina (Al2O3) is common in nature in two homogeneous variants: one is Al2O3; the other is aAAl2O3(black aluminum oxide blast media). It is usually formed when the bauxite containing alkali metal or alkaline earth metal oxide is melted in an electric furnace, and it is brown(120 grit aluminum oxide). Because Al2O3 is not pure Al2O3 crystals, but contains a small amount of alkali metal oxides, and A is between two O layers, it does not belong to the Al2O3 unitary system.

(cheap abrasive garnet sand manufacturers germany)Artificial Al2O3 is dehydrated by heating gibbsite to 500~900℃(120 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), and then heating to 950~1200℃, it will transform from dehydrated Al2O3 to aAl2O3, which is artificial corundum. White corundum a-AAl2O3 for investment precision casting, namely fused corundum: usually industrial alumina is melted at high temperature (2000~2400℃) and carbon reaction in an electric furnace(brown fused aluminum oxide manufacturers); impurities such as SiO2, Fe2O3, etc. are removed.

Then it is cooled and crystallized into ingots(100 grit aluminum oxide white), and then crushed and screened to obtain the crystal a-Al2O3, which is called fused corundum; a-Al2O3 belongs to the trigonal crystal system. The octahedrons are connected by three O planes, the coordination number of aluminum ions is 6, and the coordination number of oxygen ions is 4(aluminum oxide blast media 60 grit). Compared with quartz, aluminum, manganese, iron, silicon, tin, cobalt and nickel do not react with it.(cheap abrasive garnet sand manufacturers germany)

Corundum has high melting point, high density, compact structure, good thermal conductivity(carborundum grit), small and uniform thermal expansion, and its total expansion is% when heated from room temperature to 2000°C. It does not change under the action of oxidants, reducing agents or various molten metals(150 grit aluminum oxide). Fused silica has been used for a long time in a high temperature state (above 1100°C), which is the most stable form of alumina.

(cheap abrasive garnet sand manufacturers germany)Therefore, fused corundum has better dimensional stability(carborundum abrasives), thermal stability and chemical stability at high temperatures than with silica sand (quartz). This characteristic determines that it has very good thermal shock stability (resistance to rapid cold and rapid heat), so the fused silica shell and core will not be broken due to temperature changes during the sintering and casting process(low sodium white fused alumina). Natural YAl2O3 is also rare.

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