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The current domestic average operating level of the precision life is 1800~2600 days(aluminum oxide grit), and some electrolytic precisions have early damage in the early stage of start-up, and they will be shut down for overhaul in less than 1000 days. In the production of aluminum electrolysis, overhaul costs can account for more than 3% of the production cost(garnet sand). It can be seen that avoiding early damage is of far-reaching significance.

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It is the most basic to grasp the quality of the electrolysis cell masonry, and the waxing start quality is the most important thing to avoid damage(brown fused alumina price). After the start-up, the carbon residue cannot be separated and collected. Specifically, the four cathode grooves are filled and leveled and then the coke-hanging electrode is laid(corundum abrasive). This kind of protection has higher quality requirements and higher labor intensity.(cheap abrasive garnet sand manufacturers ukraine)

In addition, the grain size of the stone crystal powder is flake-like(green silicon carbide). Therefore, the bridge of the first shunt will be burned for about 48 hours, and the second change will still be carried out according to the principle of temperature rise of 5℃(synthetic corundum). The key to the current technology of scratching and burning atypical tumors is the leveling of the cathode refining and the protection of the female boss during wax burning.

(cheap abrasive garnet sand manufacturers ukraine)The shaped trough is made of hand-yin floor with uneven surface, and the sides are made of pure aggregate masonry(black corundum). Through analysis, the highest temperature of the initial firing is below 870℃ and the lowest point is above 20℃. The heating element used is the mixed graphite powder for disc inspection(180 grit aluminum oxide blasting media), but the requirements for the Dejiao electrode-hanging procedure are higher and more refined.

The interval time is 12 hours(silicon carbide abrasive), or the bridge is removed 8 hours before the start, so as to improve the stability of the flow surface of the gold,  base of the electrolytic cellthe voltage is generally not done For reference, impulse voltage. Compared with coke control, smoke is required(white alumina powder). When the 20kA electrolytic fine-shaped cathode is collected in the four grooves Smoky stone is selected for filling.(cheap abrasive garnet sand manufacturers ukraine)

The volatilization of water in the tank and the coking of the paste are basically complete(aluminum oxide abrasive). It is good, and there will be no partial paste loss, turbulence, or extreme charcoal explosion. This article introduces the wax burning method of special-shaped cathode coke particles applied in a 30kA electrolytic cell of a certain company(emery abrasive). The burning process has become the source of technology bottles. Guarantee of life.

(cheap abrasive garnet sand manufacturers ukraine)Hetero-married brush electrode electrolyzer (also called special-shaped groove) is formed by the surface of the raised carbon block to form a regular back convex array(pink corundum), the use of this type of electrode structure of the electrolytic fine can reduce the absolute speed of the molten aluminum And the fluctuation height of the energy-reducing copper liquid(abrasive blast media), and reduce the dissolution of the button.

Because the different fine phase coke grain burning is a kind of follow-up based on the ordinary fine beginning burning method(black silicon carbide), it is basically the same as ordinary cotton blocking burning, the difference is to solve the problem of coking on the surface of the four convex rigid poles(white corundum sand). The application of low-temperature wax burning technology is one of the methods to effectively control the early sulfur loss of electrolytic fines. 

(cheap abrasive garnet sand manufacturers ukraine)The main advantage is that it saves costs, and it can be used for fishing when starting. But if these two points are done well, the initial firing is considered successful(white alumina). After the electrolysis planting in the post building is completed, the surface of the pole has formed four grooves with uneven and regular color reversion(garnet abrasive). If the coke grain cultivation method is used, the cathode must be called a groove for filling.

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