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The printing quality is the worst when it is 45°, and the lines appear obvious steel teeth(arc fused alumina). At the beginning of the mesh blockage, the clear lines become jagged, and then the lines become thinner and thinner until no graphics are printed. The main reason for the clogging of the mesh and its elimination method: There are coarse particles in the ink(aluminum oxide blasting media). The choice of resist ink is very important.

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The influence of the angle between the mesh direction and the line direction of the photographic film(white fused alumina): For 95T and 120T monofilament meshes, when the line direction of the positive image and the mesh line are at an angle of 22.5°, the quality of the printed lines is the best(glass bead abrasive). In order to adjust the solvent volatilization speed, high boiling point solvents, such as turpentine and turpentine, can also be added to the ink.

(cheap abrasive grade aluminum oxide factory taiwan)In contrast, the mesh is small, which blocks the mesh(fused alumina). The adjusted ink is best filtered with a screen with a higher mesh number than the printing screen before use. The ink dries too fast to cause a dry plate, which causes clogging of the mesh(steel shot abrasive). The temperature of the silk screen working environment is high and the solvent volatilizes too fast, so the silk screen should be carried out in an air-conditioned room.

The minimum limit value of the negative print sample is 60um(white aluminum oxide). The ink should be taken out and replaced with a new oil storm for printing. Poor adhesion In etching graphic printing, if the operation is improper, the ink is selected improperly, and the drying is not thorough, this kind of failure is extremely prone to occur(glass beads supplier). For newly purchased oilers, experiments must be carried out to determine their operating parameters.

At this time, add diluent to the ink and stir it before use(black oxide aluminum). In the process of screen printing, if you find that the mesh is clogged, you should readjust the amount of oil, and immediately clean the screen before printing(white aluminium oxide super fine). If screen printing is forced regardless of mesh clogging, the product quality of the screen printing will be poor, and the clogging will be more serious, and even the screen will be scrapped.(cheap abrasive grade aluminum oxide factory taiwan)

At this time, when the parts are pretreated, the surface oil must be removed(silicon carbide price). The parts that have been oxidized or degreased should not be touched with bare hands during the transportation process after drying, and spun gloves must be worn to prevent the surface of the parts from sticking again(glass beads manufacturers). sleeve ink has high viscosity, poor fluidity, poor permeability during screen printing, and easy to cause mesh clogging.

(cheap abrasive grade aluminum oxide factory taiwan)Clogging of the mesh is one of the most common faults in the screen printing process(green carborundum). The parts must be dried thoroughly. If the drying is not complete, a fine water film will be formed on the surface of the part and the ink for printing during silk screen printing, which will seriously affect the adhesion of the screen printing(aluminum oxide 30 or 40 grit). Therefore, the purchased ink or self-prepared ink can only be used in production after passing the test.

When the aluminum parts are processed, the cleaning or sealing residues form a very thin discontinuous film on the surface(silicon carbide companies), which causes the ink to not wet, and the ink and the aluminum surface are microscopically delaminated from the surface, resulting in poor adhesion of the silk screen graphics(garnet abrasive price). If the ink is not selected properly, the screen printing ink will fall off during acid-base treatment such as etching and oxidation.

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