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Cheap Alumina Abrasive Manufacturers France

brown fused alumina is needed in refractories, which requires high refractoriness and aluminum content. The products with 4-8mm 2-4mm 0-1mm forged sand and other specifications are the specifications and models required for refractories. The color of calcined brown corundum is the quality mark of reproducibility for both the demander and the producer of brown corundum.

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When the arc fused alumina is calcined in an oxidizing atmosphere, the brown particles of the brown corundum turn blue, which is caused by the solid solution ti203. Ti2O3 is the only oxide that titanium can be dissolved in a-alumina grains. At the same time, TiO2 is the oxide with the best thermal dynamic stability. Above 1000 ℃, oxygen can diffuse into a-glass beads manufacturers grains, oxidize Ti2O3 to more stable TiO2, and then wrap in a-alumina grain weight.

(cheap alumina abrasive manufacturers france)The nuclei of TiO2 continue to coalesce and brown aluminum oxide grow at a temperature dependent rate. Once the TiO2 grains reach the size of 0.01 to 0.1U, they begin to scatter light similar to the colloidal suspension. Therefore, it is very important to choose the type of brown corundum, and the type of refractory is also diversified. On the basis of glass, glass bead blasting media suppliers ground glass presents a rough surface by grinding with abrasives.

Compared with the smooth surface around, ground glass can be carved into various works similar to relief to improve the synthetic corundum fineness of glass. First of all, we need this kind of abrasive to be willful and its hardness is higher than that of glass, so as to effectively cut the white aluminum oxide abrasive glass surface. Secondly, the particle size should be uniform, so as to ensure the uniformity of the glass surface.(cheap alumina abrasive manufacturers france)

What kind of brown aluminium oxide is more suitable in the production process? Calcium oxide is the main alkali metal oxide found in brown corundum. So, emery is a very good choice. Emery has the characteristics of hard texture, good cutting ability and wear resistance, and the particle size produced by our factory is relatively uniform. The amount of pink aluminium oxide ground glass used in the production process is also very large.

(cheap alumina abrasive manufacturers france)The amount of alkali impurities can combine a large number of emery abrasive, which will become α - alumina grains in brown corundum. β - alumina eventually becomes a part of the glass slag phase, thus increasing the glass phase in the brown corundum. The basic impurity can reduce the melting point of glass phase, which leads to the decrease of the working temperature of white fused aluminium oxide.

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