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Cheap Alumina Abrasive Manufacturers In South Africa

Due to its performance advantages, such as high hardness, good toughness, high specific gravity, no harmful substances, etc., white corundum is a kind of natural environment-friendly grinding material, which plays an important role in the international abrasive jet cleaning industry. However, in addition to white corundum, green silicon carbide and other abrasives are often used for abrasive blasting.

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What are the main advantages of white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit compared with them? What is the specific proportion of glass beads and white corundum used in sandblasting? Among all kinds of abrasives, white corundum has the following advantages: the more products are used, the white aluminum oxide 220 grit more flexible the demand is, the more substitutes of a certain product are, the closer the substitutes are, and the more elastic the demand is.(cheap alumina abrasive manufacturers in south africa)

Because there are many substitutes, the white aluminum oxide price will rise, and consumers will buy other products. For most products, when the products are at a high price, the sales volume will increase It will be more obvious. White corundum is used for surface grinding. Because of its high specific gravity, less dust is produced in the process of spraying. This ensures the health and safety of the white aluminium oxide manufacturer operator and improves the visibility of the operator.

(cheap alumina abrasive manufacturers in south africa)Compared with slag (in the white fused alumina oxide mfg process of slag formation, cold water or even sea water is used for high-temperature cooling, so the glass phase structure is formed, which is fragile). Because slag is relatively brittle, it is easy to be crushed into small particles in the spray grinding process. Because the brown fused aluminum oxide factory proportion of slag is relatively small, small slag particles are suspended in the air, resulting in environmental pollution.

white fused alumina, under a certain pressure, can hit the surface of the object with sharp edges and corners rapidly, so it is regarded as a very fast grinding method. The acceleration and velocity of particles in the air flow are caused by the inertia and particle size of white corundum. The above are the main advantages of white aluminum oxide blast media used in the spray grinding industry and some specific use conditions, hoping to help you.(cheap alumina abrasive manufacturers in south africa)

The smaller the particle, the easier it is to accelerate, so it can produce a higher impact force on the corundum white surface of the object, resulting in a very high cleaning speed - usually twice as fast (m2 / HR) as other conventional abrasives. The proportion of glass beads and buy brown fused alumina for sandblasting is about 4:1 (mainly according to the matte degree of your own observation surface, the proportion form of glass beads completely used to 1:1 is used by customers).

(cheap alumina abrasive manufacturers in south africa)Similarly, quartz sand is a very fragile abrasive. The less brown fused alumina factory, the better the matte effect. Adding some white corundum still wants to improve the shot peening efficiency and eliminate the slight scratches on the stainless steel surface faster. If it is a liquid sandblasting room, add about 75-125kg of sand; add glass shot first according to the proportion, and add white fused aluminum oxide many times in the part, so it is easier to control the surface matte effect.

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