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Cheap Alumina Abrasive Suppliers In China

Granular aluminum oxide grit abrasive: cutting work. Bond: bond abrasive particles. Porosity: keep the gap between the abrasive and the binder to eliminate the abrasive chips and cooling effect. Natural abrasives - there are many impurities with poor purity, such as diamond, aluminium oxide blasting, quartz and diamond. Artificial abrasives - alumina, silicon carbide, boron carbide and alumina.

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Among them, aluminum oxide and silicon carbide abrasive are the most widely used. Normal alumina, 94.5% purity, brown, hard and tough. It can grind carbon steel, alloy steel, etc., and its code is a. The hardness of alumina with purity of 97.5% is higher than that of the former, which is white. The code of grindable high speed steel is (WA). Silicon carbide: black and green. Black color abrasives, used to grind cast iron, copper, white aluminum oxide abrasive 220 grit, etc., its code is C.

(cheap alumina abrasive suppliers in china)Green color abrasive, used to grind superhard alloy, etc., its code is GC. Particle size: green silicon carbide generally can be divided into coarse, medium, fine, very fine. The principle of particle size selection: coarse for soft materials and fine for hard materials. Coarse grains for rough grinding and fine grains for fine grinding. When the surface luminosity is not high, coarse particles are used, and white fused aluminum oxide fine particles are used for high luminosity.

The contact area between white fused alumina grinding wheel and material is small with fine particles and large with coarse particles. Binding degree: the holding capacity of bonded abrasive particles is called binding degree. For abrasive wheels with weak binding degree, particles are easy to fall off, which is called soft grinding wheel; otherwise, it is called hard grinding wheel. The combination degree or the strength of grinding wheel does not mean the hardness of black aluminum oxide 70 grit abrasive media abrasive particles.(cheap alumina abrasive suppliers in china)

It can be divided into five types: black silicon carbide extremely soft, soft, medium hard, hard and extremely hard. Extremely soft: A, B, C, D, e, F, g soft: H, I, J, K medium hard: l, m, N, O hard: P, Q, R, s extremely hard: T, u, V, W, x, y, z the principle of selecting the degree of combination: hard materials use soft combination, because of hard wear particles easy to fall off. If the contact area is large, soft bonding is used, because of the accumulated heat, the chrome corundum scorched particles are easy to fall off.

If the speed of white aluminum oxide grinding wheel is high, soft combination shall be used, and the scorched particles will fall off easily due to heat accumulation. When the workpiece is fast in the process of forming, due to the large pressure, it should be hard combined. Hard grinding wheel shall be used for rough and uneven workpieces, and soft grinding wheel shall be used for smooth workpieces. Organization: in the whole volume of the black aluminum oxide blast media grinding wheel, the proportion of the abrasive grains is what.

(cheap alumina abrasive suppliers in china)In a certain volume, the proportion of the aluminum oxide abrasive grains is more, the organization is dense, the ratio of the abrasive grains is less, and the organization is loose. It can be classified into three types: dense, medium and coarse. Dense (c): 0,1,2,3,4, medium (m): 5,6,7,8,9, coarse (W): 10,11,12,13,14 principles of tissue selection: Of course, the best way is to use the special method to mix the loose molding aluminium oxide sandblasting materials. 

Alumina: the most widely used. As for the brown aluminium oxide fine-grained molding materials, no matter what the wetting situation, it is difficult to avoid the problems of the powder materials. In addition to the above several situations, the dry fine-grained materials are prone to spalling, angular cracks and other defects. The better solution is to use the method of particle coarsening (i.e. granulation method) To change the properties of 60 grit aluminum oxide powder semi dry materials.(cheap alumina abrasive suppliers in china)

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