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Machined surface quality refers to the micro unevenness or roughness of the machined surface of a part after green silicon carbide machining. The machined surface quality directly affects the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the machined part. The working performance, reliability and service life of chrome corundum products depend on the surface quality of main parts to a great extent. the influence of wear resistance on surface quality. 

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The effect of brown fused alumina corrosion resistance on surface quality. Therefore, it is of great significance to understand the connotation of the surface quality of parts correctly, to analyze various process factors that affect the surface quality during machining, and to improve the surface quality and black aluminum oxide blast media product performance. factors affecting the surface roughness in cutting.(cheap alumina abrasive wholesale suppliers peru)

The influence of black silicon carbide machine performance on machined surface quality: Between the two contact surfaces of a newly machined Sassafras pair, the initial contact area is at the peak of the rough surface, the actual contact area is far less than the theoretical contact area, and there is a very large unit stress at the contact area, which makes the actual contact area produce black aluminum oxide abrasive 70 grit plastic deformation, elastic deformation and shear failure between the peaks, causing serious wear.

(cheap alumina abrasive wholesale suppliers peru)When machining brittle materials, the cutting speed has little influence on the roughness, while when brown aluminum oxide machining plastic materials, the chip accretion has a great influence on the roughness. The influence of fatigue strength on surface quality. Under the action of black synthetic corundum alternating load, the concave part of surface roughness is easy to cause stress concentration and fatigue striation.

The larger the surface roughness, the deeper the surface striation and the radius of striation bottom, the worse the ability of aluminum oxide abrasive anti fatigue damage. The residual stress has a great influence on the fatigue strength of parts. The residual tensile stress in the surface layer will make the fatigue crack expand and accelerate the fatigue failure, while the residual stress in the black alumina surface layer can prevent the fatigue crack from expanding and delay the fatigue failure.(cheap alumina abrasive wholesale suppliers peru)

The corrosion resistance of white corundum parts depends on the surface roughness to a great extent. The higher the surface roughness is, the more corrosive substances will accumulate in the valley. The worse the corrosion resistance. The residual tensile stress of the surface layer will produce stress corrosion cracking and reduce the wear resistance of the corundum white parts, while the residual compressive stress can prevent stress corrosion cracking.

(cheap alumina abrasive wholesale suppliers peru)Factors affecting the surface roughness: The geometry of the aluminum oxide grit tool reflects the residual area of the cutting layer left on the machining surface when the tool moves relative to the workpiece. When processing plastic materials, the surface roughness increases because of the plastic deformation caused by the extrusion of metal by the cutter, and the tearing effect of the cutter which forces the chip to separate from the fused aluminum oxide workpiece.

The factors that influence the surface roughness in silicon carbide abrasive grinding. The main factors that affect the grinding surface roughness are: the grain size of the grinding wheel, the hardness of the grinding wheel, the dressing of the grinding wheel, the grinding speed, the grinding radial direction, the feed rate and the times of artificial corundum grinding, the peripheral feed rate and the axial feed rate of the workpiece, the cooling lubricating fluid, etc.(cheap alumina abrasive wholesale suppliers peru)

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